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BEGGI of New Zealand Invents Baby Repellent Water, Take Care of Baby’s Delicate Skin

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BEGGI of New Zealand Invents Baby Repellent Water, Take Care of Baby’s Delicate Skin

April 27
23:55 2020

Most traditional repellent products contain chemical components that are highly irritating. The reporter learned that the national brand BEGGI of New Zealand developed a special and essential oil type Repellent Water extracted from plants for infants and young children and its safety is far higher than the traditional repellent products. Simply spray a little product on your child to create an 8-hour natural ‘repellent net’. This product has become the top-selling child repellent product in local pharmacies in New Zealand at present.

“The common repellent products is basically ‘when kill 1000 enemies, one lose 800’, because its main component contains some harmful chemical compositions with generally intense taste such as deet and repellent grease. These chemical components inhibit the body’s central nervous system, make people insensitive, dizzy and headache and have the risk of damaging skin and clothing, so it is very dangerous for infants to use these products,” Jack, a pediatrician at a New Zealand public hospital, said.

“The Repellent Water of BEGGI is the best-selling baby repellent product in New Zealand at present. Unlike traditional repellent products, it is milk-like and is made entirely from natural plant oils. Spraying it on the skin can not only drive away mosquitoes, but also quickly stop itching,  disinfect and inhibit bacteria, which is especially suitable for baby to use,” Jack said.

“Almost all the mothers around me use this Repellent Water for their babies, which is not as pungent as other repellent water, tastes more like natural and smells fresh and baby like. I have strongly recommended this product to my relatives and friends who have babies in China. I am going to send them two boxes back in a few days to help baby avoid being bothered by mosquitoes this year,” Li Mei, a Chinese-american who has lived in New Zealand for 10 years, told reporters.

It is reported that the main reason for the popularity of the product is that it is safe, natural and long-lasting enough to meet almost all the requirements of New Zealand mothers for repellent products for infants and young children.

According to product research and development person of BEGGI, “The formulation of baby Repellent Water of BEGGI contains 5 natural plant essential oils. These special essential oils are scientifically formulated to provide a barrier to mosquitoes, prevent the spread of bacteria and soothe, kill and stop itching in the itchy areas of the skin to prevent skin infections.”

“Unlike traditional repellent sprays which are only effective for a short period of time, the baby Repellent Water of BEGGI provides about eight hours of repellent for baby. And it doesn’t feel greasy when applied to the skin and the baby won’t reject it,” the person in charge above said.

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