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Bug Adieu Takes an Educational Approach with Lice Removal Service

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Bug Adieu Takes an Educational Approach with Lice Removal Service

February 22
06:36 2020
Bug Adieu Takes an Educational Approach with Lice Removal Service

Lakeside, CA – Contacting lice happens at to most children, and it is always a headache for all parents. These little creatures quickly spread through a home and cause a stir. Lice are also surrounded by myths and confusion that prevent people from truly understanding where these bugs come from.

Bug Adieu, at, is a family-owned business in San Diego that is taking a new, educational approach to bug removal. Bug Adieu comes to the family home and assists with the tedious task of nit-picking and clearing these bugs from hair. The services expand beyond the simple task of removal and include education about lice prevention.

The educational aspect of Bug Adieu is a noteworthy addition to the services. The family-friendly business takes the time to unpack lice facts, myths, and symptoms. Lice infest the scalp and are spread through close contact, which is how these bugs infect an entire family.

Contrary to popular myths, head lice will only survive in the hair and occasionally eyelashes or eyebrows. By educating families on the truth about this type of infestation, Bug Adieu dispels false information and create a clear picture of how to treat lice in the future. Without the right knowledge, a family might suffer from another infestation in the future.  

Bug Adieu is always excited to share more information about lice with affected families as a means to spread awareness. Most parents think that this is unavoidable if another child is infected at school, but the business corrects this by insisting that lice is highly preventable.

For example, these bugs spreads through head-to-head contact, as lice cannot jump or fly. They are also attracted to clean hair, contrary to the popular belief that poor hygiene attracts them. With this knowledge, Bug Adieu hopes that infected families can be more prepared ahead of a spread.

Overall, this company’s family-friendly and educational approach is making a difference in the San Diego family community. Bug Adieu also utilizes non-toxic products that place family health at the forefront. The process of nit-picking and shampooing can be harsh for little ones, so the non-toxic approach ensures safety and comfort during the process.

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Contact Person: Sonia Willis
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Phone: (619) 749-3119
Address:9562 Winter Gardens Blvd
City: Lakeside
State: California 92040
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