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New Zealand Visa Online Application For German Citizens

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New Zealand Visa Online Application For German Citizens

September 21
12:40 2023


All illegal immigrants are legally required to leave New Zealand by the Immigration Act of 2009. The legal requirement to leave New Zealand before a temporary visa expires is clearly stated on visas. Overstayers, regardless of country, must understand that if no exceptional circumstances justify issuing a visa, they must leave New Zealand or face deportation. The visa holder must ensure that their visa is valid. Overstayers are identified through a variety of methods, including public information, routine compliance inspections, and information from the New Zealand Police. If you overstay your visa in New Zealand, you are breaching the law. The following are some of the dangers of overstaying:

  • You are unable to study or work and must pay for your medical expenses.
  • If you stay in the country for 42 days or more without a valid visa, you may be barred from returning.
  • Except in very exceptional circumstances, an overstayed New Zealand visa or NZeTA is unlikely to be renewed.
  • Overstayers, regardless of nationality, must understand that if no unusual circumstances warrant the granting of a visa, they must depart New Zealand or face deportation.


If you have two passports, you must travel in both directions on the same passport to keep your immigration records up to date at both places of departure and arrival. For example, if you enter New Zealand with an Australian passport, you must provide that same passport when you leave the country and enter your destination country. Border/customs authorities will use the validity of your passport to determine your eligibility for admission into New Zealand. So, if you want to enter New Zealand on a NZeTA (i.e. without a visa), use a passport from a country on the visa waiver list. You must inform us of any other countries in which you have citizenship. If the other country accepts dual citizenship, you can keep your citizenship there. Some countries require you to first obtain permission from them. If the other country does not permit dual citizenship, you may lose your former citizenship when you obtain New Zealand citizenship.


If you have renewed your passport, you must transfer your current visa into your new passport before traveling. This is true for both conventional visa labels and electronic visas. eVisas are visas that are issued by letter. Visa labels are tangible labels that are attached to your passport. In our system, both are associated with your passport. We recommend that you apply for an eVisa because it is the shortest option to transfer your visa to your new passport and has no application charge. This is something you can accomplish online. An NZ Travel Authority and an eVisa are both issued through email to the applicant, however a paper visa is a physical piece of paper attached to the traveller’s passport. Holders of New Zealand visas can keep the same type of visa and just transfer it to their new passport. A visa label can also be transferred to an eVisa, and a physical visa label can be obtained for an existing eVisa. The applicant’s passport information can also be updated via the online service. The request must be submitted at least 10 days before departure for New Zealand. Individuals with a New Zealand eVisa must notify authorities if their passport information changes.


New Zealand is located in the southwestern region of the Pacific Ocean and is endowed with natural beauty. Because of this, it is one of the most popular and popular tourist spots in the world. If you want to visit New Zealand, you must first apply for a visa. German citizens can apply for a visa waiver online through the New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA). It allows qualifying travellers from over 190 countries, including Germany, to visit New Zealand for leisure, business, or transit purposes. Travel to New Zealand requires a NZeTA for German nationals. Visitors with the NZeTA do not need a visa to visit New Zealand. In order to visit New Zealand without a visa, German nationals must meet a few fundamental New Zealand eTA requirements. In 2019, an initiative to waive visa requirements was launched. The New Zealand eTA, or New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority, is its name. The New Zealand eTA for Germans, once received, permits the holder to visit New Zealand several times without a visa for the duration of its validity (up to two years). German visitors who have a NZeTA can stay for up to 30 days per visit. To improve security and safety, the New Zealand Visa Waiver Scheme was implemented. The New Zealand eTA for German citizens grants visa-free access to the country for stays of up to 3 months. The New Zealand eTA is also electronically linked to the German passport. Citizens from Germany must apply for a visa before entering New Zealand if they plan to stay in New Zealand for more than 3 months. The NZeTA application for Germans is quick and easy to fill out online. The authorization process is quick, easy and should take less than 30 minutes for most applicants.

New Zealand eTA Requirements for German Citizens

  • A valid German passport – The traveler’s passport needs to have a validity of at least 3 months after the trip to New Zealand. The approved eTA will be electronically linked to this document.
  • A valid payment method – To complete and submit the New Zealand eTA application, travelers will need to pay the application fee and NZ International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy fee (already included in the total cost). This can be done using a valid debit or credit card.
  • A valid email address – Finally, all travelers are required to enter a valid email address on their application. This is to receive notifications regarding the New Zealand eTA and a copy of the authorization once approved.
  • A recent photograph of the German applicant


Travellers with a criminal past are frequently uncertain about their eligibility for a New Zealand eTA or visa. While New Zealand has stringent character criteria, having a prior criminal record does not automatically bar an individual from entering the nation. All non-New Zealanders seeking a visa to visit New Zealand must be of good character. Unless a character waiver is granted, people with criminal convictions or who have submitted false or misleading information will normally be denied a visa. Civil proceedings and unproven charges are insufficient to establish a person’s bad character. Applicants for visas must report whether or not they are being investigated by a law enforcement agency in any nation or have a criminal record. In the case of character waivers, each application is examined on its own merits, taking into account factors such as the nature of an offense, the number of offenses, and the time since the occurrence or events occurred. A special instruction (under section 17 of the Immigration Act 2009 (the Act)) provides for exceptions to be made in the case of an “excluded person” who is not eligible for a visa, entrance authorization, or visa waiver under sections 15 or 16 of the Act. Excluded persons include:

  • A person who has been sentenced to a prison sentence for a term of 5 years or more at any time.
  • A person who at any time within the preceding 10 years has been sentenced to a prison sentence of 12 months or more.
  • A person who has been removed or deported from New Zealand and is subject to a period of prohibition.
  • A person who is excluded from New Zealand under any enactment. A person who at any time has been removed, excluded, or deported from another country.
  • Anyone who the Minister of Immigration has reason to believe is, or is likely to be, a threat or risk to security, public order or the public interest.
  • Anyone who the Minister has reason to believe is likely to commit an offence in New Zealand punishable by imprisonment.
  • Any person who is a member of a terrorist entity designated under the Terrorism Suppression Act 2002.

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