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Introducing Innovative Oncolytic Virus-Based Therapeutics Discovery Services at Creative Biolabs

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Introducing Innovative Oncolytic Virus-Based Therapeutics Discovery Services at Creative Biolabs

September 12
17:41 2023
Creative Biolabs, a pioneering biotechnology research and development company, is excited to unveil its comprehensive oncolytic virus-based therapeutics discovery services.

New York, USA – September 11, 2023 – Leveraging proprietary platforms and groundbreaking technologies, Creative Biolabs stands at the forefront of oncolytic virus development, offering unparalleled solutions to expedite the evolution of cancer treatment.

“Our oncolytic virotherapy solutions offer immense support to researchers and pharmaceutical companies dedicated to revolutionary cancer therapies. With a resolute commitment to innovation, we have introduced our cutting-edge platform, Oncovirapy™, seamlessly integrating advanced tools and techniques to streamline the efficient design, engineering, validation, and manufacture of oncolytic viruses.” According to a specialist.

Embracing a holistic approach to oncolytic virus therapy development, Creative Biolabs empowers clients with comprehensive services and delivers tailor-made solutions that precisely align with project-specific requirements across the entire drug discovery continuum.

Principal Features and Advantages

1. Oncovirapy™ Platform: The exclusive platform amalgamates cutting-edge technologies and assays, facilitating high-throughput screening, characterization, and functional analysis of oncolytic viruses. Researchers benefit from a streamlined and robust workflow, expediting the identification of promising candidates for advanced development.

2. Customized Viral Vector Engineering: Creative Biolabs provides bespoke solutions for the modification and engineering of viral vectors to amplify their oncolytic capabilities. Leveraging extensive genetic engineering proficiency, the team optimizes viral genomes, gene delivery systems, and targeting mechanisms, ultimately enhancing therapeutic efficacy.

3. Preclinical Assessment: Via rigorous preclinical assessment, Creative Biolabs meticulously evaluates the safety and efficacy of oncolytic virus candidates, generating pivotal data for regulatory submissions and clinical trial design. Services encompass in vitro and in vivo studies, biodistribution analysis, and toxicity evaluation.

4. Regulatory Support: The regulatory affairs unit at Creative Biolabs extends comprehensive support to ensure adherence to regulatory standards and offers guidance throughout the product development trajectory. This collaboration ensures a seamless transition from preliminary development to preclinical validation, thereby expediting time to subsequent stages.

5. Collaborative Partnership: Creative Biolabs cultivates robust collaboration with clients, functioning as a dependable partner throughout the project lifecycle. By synergizing expertise and resources, the objective is to accelerate breakthroughs in oncolytic virus-based therapeutics, ultimately advancing precision medicine.

About Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs is a distinguished contract research organization specializing in providing comprehensive oncolytic virus-based therapy discovery services, dedicated to catalyzing innovation and expediting the development of transformative cancer therapies.

More detailed information about Creative Biolabs can be accessed at

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