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AMIKNO Is Changing The Way The World Sees Food Allergies

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AMIKNO Is Changing The Way The World Sees Food Allergies

May 07
06:16 2022
AMIKNO is on a mission to end food allergies with the world’s first meat detection rapid test.

AMIKNO, a Pioneer of Food Technology, has announced the launch of the world’s first meat detection rapid test. This ground-breaking test enables the public to determine whether the products they consume contain animal products or by-products. The days of companies hiding behind generic labels are over. No more vague ingredient descriptions such as natural/artificial flavoring, preservatives, and other ingredients. A true disruptor to the food and beverage industry, the AMIKNO meat detection rapid test is a must-have for those who do not consume meat.

The development of this innovative product was spurred by the growing number of people choosing to avoid meat for religious, ethical, environmental, or health reasons.

According to a report by market research firm Mintel, “3 in 5 American consumers are now either vegetarian or vegan.” “Alpha-Gal Syndrome is expected to affect 37% of the World’s Population.” (Mayo Clinic, 2021)

The AMIKNO Meat Detection Rapid Test is perfect for the plant-based community, religious communities that choose to avoid specific meats, and those afflicted with Alpha-Gal Syndrome and other meat-based allergies.

Meat detection is crucial for these groups as it allows them to select food that meets their dietary restrictions concisely. With the launch of the AMIKNO Meat Detection Rapid Test, they now have a reliable and affordable way to eat with confidence.

The Meat Detection Rapid Test is simple to use and provides results in minutes. When the test strips come in contact with any sample of animal meat, tissue, gelatin, or animal rennet, including trace amounts used as stabilizers and pr