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Advanced packaging technology achieves JASMINER X4

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Advanced packaging technology achieves JASMINER X4

January 20
16:15 2022

In the global high-throughput computing power chip market, JASMINER has a pivotal position. It applies self-developed products with the core technology of “integration of storage and computing”, which can help users achieve “high-throughput, low-power consumption” computing power freedom in the field of blockchain applications.

It is worth mentioning that JASMINER X4 also innovatively uses 3D-TSV stacking technology. It can further improve the system performance of the product and reduce the overall power consumption while improving the functional density of the chip structure and shortening the interconnection length.


With the rapid development of fields such as AI, high-performance computing, etc., the packaging technology to ensure all the complexities of ultra-high-performance memory is becoming more and more important. As Moore’s Law reaches its limit, the role of 3D-TSV will become more and more critical. TSV technology, also called Through Silicon Via, is a high-density packaging technology and is considered to be the fourth-generation packaging technology. TSV technology can realize vertical electrical interconnection of through silicon vias by filling with conductive materials such as copper, tungsten, and polysilicon. On JASMINER X4, through TSV packaging technology, each unit inside the chip can be vertically interconnected, reducing the interconnection length. And reduce signal delay, reduce capacitance and inductance, realize low power consumption and high-speed computing power operation between X4 chips, while increasing broadband and realizing miniaturization of device integration.

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The unimaginable and excellent performance represented by low power consumption has led some people to confuse JASMINER’s 3D-TSV stacking technology with HBM packaging technology. For example, some people think that the memory of the JASMINER X4 product is the storage particle of HBM, but in fact, HBM is only a kind of 3D stacking technology, which is different from the 3D-TSV stacking technology used by the JASMINER X4.

HBM (High-Bandwidth Memory) is an advanced packaging technology for high-bandwidth memory, mainly aimed at the high-end graphics card market, while JASMINER X4 is an ASIC chip. HBM belongs to 2.5D stacked memory in basic structure. The stacked memory chip and GPU are interconnected on the carrier board through 2.5D stacking technology. There are currently three versions of HBM, namely HBM, HBM2 and HBM2E, with bandwidths of 128 Gbps/Stack, 256 Gbps/Stack and 307 Gbps/Stack, respectively. The JASMINER X4 chip achieves a memory access bandwidth of 1TByte/s, a storage capacity of 5GBytes, and a processing capacity of 65MH/s. And it supports high-throughput data paths between 384 computing cores and 384 on-chip caches, with a maximum bandwidth of 24TB/s and a power consumption of only 23W.

JASMINER, which is in the first echelon of the global high-throughput chip industry, has launched a new generation of high-throughput 1U processors, and is also developing the second-generation high-throughput integrated storage and computing chip. This series of high-throughput chips will use more advanced packaging technology to further reduce power consumption. This will also make JASMINER ‘s chip architecture more stable and powerful, and will undoubtedly help JASMINER achieve greater breakthroughs in the advancement of different application fields of high-throughput chips.

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