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Biblical Dream Study – A Book To Understand Dreams and Their Healing Capacity

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Biblical Dream Study – A Book To Understand Dreams and Their Healing Capacity

August 19
17:15 2021

Biblical Dream Study – “To understand the Holy Spirit, we need to understand the lessons about dreams that appear 134 times in the Bible. Biblical Dream Study helps you with that. The stories are interpreted and applied to everyday life,” writes the author in the book’s inside flap.

Biblical Dream Study by Carol Oschmann articulates the importance of dreams and the place they hold in our lives. She observes that they hold lessons that God would want His people to learn on a personal level. Oschmann explores dreams in the Bible and finds that the word dream (dreams) are mentioned 134 times. The first documented dream is in the story of creation, where God put Adam to sleep, took his rib, and created the first woman, Eve. Oschmann challenges the readers to think of all the hours spent sleeping and the wonderful things that God might create in people’s lives with a little cooperation.

Oschmann says that the dream stories of the Bible hold lessons on the things God might want to convey to His people through nightmares or warnings, predictions, and even humor. The author adds that they hold lessons regarding the interpretation of dreams and the emotional feelings needed to push people to follow His advice. The Biblical Dream Study author says the stories tell of rewards like the golden sword, the tool included in each of the dreams when an individual looks for their meaning and then follows whatever is perceived as the message.

The author observes what is happening in the world, especially during these COVID times, an unprecedented period characterized by sickness and deaths, and of people hearing the voice of God in their dream. According to Oschmann, dreams have become more important than ever, and people should try to find the messages that God is communicating.

The Biblical Dream Study challenges the readers, invites them to ask some pertinent questions. “The Old Testament of the Bible covers the history of creation until the coming of God’s Son, Jesus. The New Testament of the Bible covers Jesus’ life and the beginning of the church. Is that the end?” – quips the author, adding that it is not written yet. She says that the story of the Holy Spirit is written in myriad places. The author observes that God did not stop working with His people at the end of the New Testament; therefore, the Bible is not yet finished.

About the Author

Carol Oschmann started journaling her dreams in 1985 to rid her life of stress. Dreams for her were therapeutic, as they led to the healing of all stresses and left her with a wonderful gift. Healed were rheumatoid arthritis, several relationships, financial decisions, and her nightmares. She went on to help others discover God within them, and when that was too hard, she used her gift – she dreamed for them. We have no idea what God can do through us.

For more information on Carol Oschmann, go to her website

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