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Story of Koushik Das: The Wandering Critter and CEO of Living Pixel Design

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Story of Koushik Das: The Wandering Critter and CEO of Living Pixel Design

April 08
21:16 2021

From the title one might be guessing what is Wandering Critter? This is the Instagram handle of Koushik Das who hails from Tripura India. Why this name? Koushik Das has travelled all over India and that too in his Motorcycle. Seems quite refreshing, but it is not what one may think. Pit-stops, breakdowns, landslides, back pain, he has experienced every bit of it to achieve what he is now. The main question however people ask is, is he being sponsored for his tips? No is the answer because he is the Founder and CEO of Living Pixel Design which is Web Design, Development and business Branding company.

Living Pixel Design was founded by Koushik Das in early 2017. It is a web Development Company that has successfully helped clients to meet requirements like Mobile App Development, SEO, Content Writing, Web Services, Digital Marketing, Branding, and many more. However, he’s not alone within the business as he features a team of aspiring minds, experience holders, and entrepreneurs who perform extensive and quality work and finish deadlines in their respective time. There are lots and much of positive reviews about his companies on the web.

Koushik Das who hails from Tripura, Agartala was new within the business back then but now he features a turnover of 8 crores till date and shortly it’ll cross 10 crores by the end of 2021, at least this is what our young entrepreneur predicts due to the continued trend of his company. Koushik Das is that the CEO and founding father of Living Pixel Design which has garnered a lot of clients in a span of 2 years.

Koushik in his early career started with freelance projects as an Individual. Despite getting rejected by many, he didn’t lose his hope and dedicated overtime for him to grow and updated his skills and in a very quick amount of time, he had already attracted many buyers. His exceptional services helped him reach his initial goals in only 6 months. Since numerous requests began to come-in from those, who wanted to buy his services. He started building a team and by 2019 he registered his company under the name of Living Pixel Design. His company has also outsmarted other companies who were there within the existence for long. This also gave a ray of hope to other entrepreneurs to open a business of their own.

Koushik Das has always helped people in need and has given work to those that were unable to seek out work. He showed them alternative ways, techniques, and paths to earn a trendy income. He had donated to numerous numbers of NGOs also. Within the difficult time of COVID-19 also he didn’t stop and has distributed relief materials to many needy people across India.

Apart from being an Entrepreneur, he’s also a hardcore motorcyclist and wanderlust. His Insta handle and YouTube channel says it all where he has database of all his existing rides. He had travelled across different parts of India on his motorcycle on a numerous occasions. His favourite places so far remain the Spiti valley. While travelling, he has promoted various causes by distributing pamphlets during his pit stops, wearing badges and stickers on his riding vest.

Koushik Das is a young entrepreneur and inspirer to several young minds all across the world. He’s the live example for people who think that life is all about 9 to 6 job. His story is sort of inspiring to those who visualize themselves in the field of Entrepreneurship and dream to be self reliant in life.

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