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Eco-Friendly Desire Driving Most Interest in Electric Cars: Survey

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Eco-Friendly Desire Driving Most Interest in Electric Cars: Survey

December 18
22:31 2020

London, UK – December 18, 2020 – A majority of British motorists say the biggest appeal of owning an electric car, or EV, is that they’re more eco-friendly and cost less to run and maintain, according to a new survey.

In a poll carried out by Google Surveys for Kardi Leasing, a leading UK car-leasing company, motorists said they were seeking to lower their carbon footprint and save on fuel, and owning an electric car was one of the best ways to achieve both.

Over 42% of motorists said they were considering leasing an electric car within the next five years. While the majority of motorists said they were most interested in the eco-friendly aspect of owning an EV, 38% said they were also intrigued by fuel and maintenance savings.

Research by the European Energy Agency, an EU agency tasked with providing sound, independent information on the environment, has shown that electric cars are more environmentally friendly than their fossil fuel counterparts. They emit far fewer greenhouse gases and air pollutants throughout their lifecycle, even after you consider the production of the car and electricity needed to fuel them.

According to EDF Energy, one of the UK’s biggest electricity suppliers, EV motorists can expect to pay between £6-7 per 30 minutes of charging at a rapid charge point, which will give them about 100 miles of range. The average cost per mile for a vehicle with a 1.4L engine or under is 12p, so 100 miles would cost £12. That’s a £5-6 saving per 100 miles when using an EV.

Maintenance costs are also much lower compared to traditional petrol and diesel vehicles. With fewer moving parts and regenerative braking, according to EDF Energy, EV owners can expect to save 50% on car maintenance, servicing and repairs costs.

The government has helped encourage motorists to join the electric car revolution by offering several incentives. The £3,000 government plug-in car grant, the £350 government home-charging scheme, the exemption from Vehicle Excise Duty and the London Congestion Charge have all helped electric car sales and leases to surge this year.

Corporate car drivers can also benefit from the elimination of the Benefit in Kind tax. The government introduced the popular tax break in April 2020 to help encourage more businesses to provide their employees with energy-efficient vehicles over traditional petrol and diesel vehicles.

The survey also found some concerns from motorists. Just under 40% of those surveyed said they were worried about the lack of available charging points in the UK, and just under 35% said they were concerned about the range of the cars.

The UK government has put in place significant plans to help support the mass adoption of electric vehicles. There is £12m planned to fund EV research projects, programs for green-coloured parking spaces and charge points at popular destinations.

“Electric car technology has come on leaps and bounds over the last five years. Owning and running an electric car is not only feasible but preferable for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint and save on fuel and maintenance costs,” said Aaron Sherlock of Kardi Leasing, which provides leasing services to corporate and private customers across the UK.

“The benefits of switching to an electric car are quickly outweighing any concerns that motorists may have. It’s the chance to join the future of driving and save money in the process,” Aaron Sherlock added.

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