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Hologram AR technology is used in Singapore online marathon, WIMI products have broad application prospects

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Hologram AR technology is used in Singapore online marathon, WIMI products have broad application prospects

November 25
00:26 2020

Hong Kong – Tailor Insight, the fintech market research organization, recently released a research report “Hologram AR technology is used in Singapore online marathon, WIMI products have broad application prospects”. The Rouvy Augmented Reality (AR) system and event used in the Singapore Marathon 2020 was unveiled yesterday. Participants were able to create a personal character model (Avatar). They are running on a treadmill, while viewing the beautiful city of Singapore through the app.

Affected by the COVID-19, the organizer, the Iron Man Group, announced in August this year that the Singapore Marathon will be changed to virtual and AR methods. The AR circuit starts from Orchard Road and passes by Chinatown, National Gallery, Marina Bay, and other attractions. To participate in the AR event, just download the application, follow the instructions to connect to your own treadmill, or go to the designated 12 ActiveSG gyms, or sign up for the on-site AR running event at Gardens by the Bay on December 5 and 6.

On the other hand, the tournament launched a virtual club in August this year to launch a 15-week long-distance running challenge. The challenge is updated every week. So far, it has attracted 80,000 participants, of which 20% are from overseas.

Meyer, the president of the Iron Man Group, who is responsible for hosting the event, said in a speech at the opening ceremony yesterday that 2020 is a special year and will give birth to a special event. He believes that this year’s efforts will leave a positive legacy for the future. He believes that this tournament will show the world the characteristics of Singapore.

The applications of VR and AR are far more than these. The virtual pets and games that many people keep on their mobile phones can also be presented through AR. The ruler displayed by the virtual ranging software on the mobile phone is also an AR application. Certainly, there are many more examples. It can be said that an epidemic has made these virtual technologies better popularized and developed. After the end of the outbreak, these virtual technologies will be better implemented and developed.

WIMI, a leader in the AR field, focuses on computer visual Hologram cloud services. WIMI’s business covers multiple links of the Hologram AR technology, including Hologram visual AI synthesis, Hologram visual presentation, Hologram software development, Hologram AR advertising, Hologram ARSDK payment. WIMI’s commercial application scenarios are mainly concentrated in five major professional fields: home entertainment, light field theater, performing arts system, commercial publishing system, and advertising display system.

Hologram cloud services will be deeply integrated with 5G. With the cooperation of 5G’s high speed and low latency, remote communication and data transmission, the average transmission delay from the system terminal to the business server is about 6ms, which is much lower than the 4G network transmission delay. It guarantees the Hologram AR’s long-distance communication and data transmission without stuttering and low delay. Meanwhile, it also assures the richness and diversity of the multi-terminal remote coordination and time interaction, which makes the collaboration of end + cloud collaboration more efficient. Enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB) and Internet of Things (IoT) applications will enable WIMI’s Hologram AR advertising business and Hologram AR entertainment business, as well as Hologram interactive entertainment, Hologram conference, Hologram social, Hologram communications, Hologram family, which are based on the core technologies of 5G+AI face recognition technology and Hologram AI face change technology to achieve effective growth.

Recently, the outbreak of coronavirus has put at least one-third of the world’s population under lockdown, which has led to a wide range of dynamic changes in social interaction. Therefore, there is an unprecedented demand for technologies that can improve the limited physical environment. With the rapid development of virtual reality hardware, the time is ripe to develop new and transformative applications that can meet this demand.

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