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VNSMART Securities, innovative Internet securities companies is on the rise

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VNSMART Securities, innovative Internet securities companies is on the rise

November 10
02:05 2020

Traditional securities trading companies are being replaced by innovative online brokers who use more favorable commission strategies and flexible financing leverage, such as Robinhood FIRSTRADE VNSMART Created new possibilities and new investment ideas for generation Z young people!

However, Internet finance has been developing for some time and seems to have the ability to become a new engine of economic development. The application and popularization of technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence and blockchain will surely promote the rapid development of Internet finance in the second half of the year. This status quo has a chance to be improved.

The reporter contacted – VNSMART to have some in-depth understanding of the online brokers, and wrote on their official website”.

The platform shows: “You can use one account to trade global high-quality assets”, “One-stop trading of stocks, futures, options and digital assets in different countries”.

The reporter interviewed Mr. Arthur, general manager of VNSMART. Mr. Arthur said: “We are well aware of the restrictions imposed by traditional securities companies on trading users, and we also know that the scattered series of fees have caused trouble for many users. Headache. We hope to change this situation and become a company that can use traditional financial An inclusive trading platform for the market.

Mr. Arthur also quoted a British writer as a reference, and made some modifications: “We also want to ensure” trade services are everywhere, but not exchanged.”

The reporter learned that VNSMART’s IT engineers are using AI to implement securities trading, using a set of best trade clearing services, trading signals and quantitative automated trading systems, and using artificial intelligence to build historical and stock market performance models of major economies. The GDP growth of mankind in the past 50 years, and choose the most potential economy (Vietnam, Hong Kong, the United States). It provides a bridge to these stock markets for trading users.

The platform provides up to 25 times, 50 times of financing, so that trading users can conduct transactions more conveniently and quickly, with zero commission.

In addition, VNSMART insists that active trading users will have the right to profit from the platform, and believes that the securities market can also exist in a decentralized form. As long as they contribute to the platform ecology, they can get proportional returns according to the rules.Such values mean that VNSMART will advance and retreat together with trading users, and trading users will no longer be dominated by the platform, but can become “partners” with the trading platform.

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