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A Healthy Smile Starts with A Good Toothbrush – It is the Key to Happiness

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A Healthy Smile Starts with A Good Toothbrush – It is the Key to Happiness

August 01
11:45 2020

Amazon’s most popular toothbrush in 2020, place an order now to get a 20% discount immediately!

With Fairywill, you will enjoy numerous discounts and specials. Right now the Fairywill brand is offering a 20% off discount code (FW508VIP20) on the Fairywill 508 Sonic Electric Toothbrush kit Available at Take advantage of this special offer while it lasts, act now.

Fairywill is one of the many new companies looking to disrupt traditional industries, in this case home oral hygiene by way of electric toothbrushes, teeth whitening kits, water flossers and so on. Fairywill came into existence and made its goods available in 2016, when the brand’s products took off on Amazon. Fairywill creates their products based on data from clinical studies and systematic reviews with an aim of prevention of Caries and Gingivitis. The brand focuses on a personalized approach to oral treatment and prevention. The brand believes when you have a clear sense that you have a friend to help manage your oral health over time, you have the best chance of enjoying a lifetime with minimal tooth or periodontal issues.

On Amazon Fairywill currently sits in 3rd place directly behind Oral-b and Phillips, but is rapidly gaining market share and is first as an electric toothbrush third party seller. Fairywill sells high quality oral care tools that last. Alternatively, to put it another way — great toothbrushes and mighty fine oral care accessories. Fairywill focuses on the reliability of their goods. People buy from the brand simply because they love Fairywill, what they stand for, and the stories they share. Many consumers feel that the brand has held true to its brand position of premium quality for consumers. Fairywill is a company sharing their story by explaining how they make their products and putting their people and the way they work in the spotlight. It shows that they care about quality. It is exactly the right story to tell to launch the brand to a broader audience. is a one-stop shop for their products, stories, brand, and adventures.

Fairywill’s electric and battery-operated toothbrushes can reduce plaque and a mild form of gum disease (gingivitis) more than does manual brushing. Their devices are also helpful if you have arthritis or other problems that make it difficult to brush effectively. On Amazon, Fairywill has many of the best-selling electric toothbrushes with simplicity, its effectiveness, and reasonable price being the brands strongest attributes.

Fairywill keeps customers at the center of a brand they are 100% about the customer. The goods offered may have expanded, but the customer is still at the heart of the brand. Positioning the customer at the center of the brand – in effect, letting the customer be the brand – is essential to the Fairywill philosophy. They’re selling a lifestyle that they embody and impart with each item they produce. This technique works for Fairywill because not only does it helps consumers to build an affiliation with the Fairywill brand, but also because it helps them overcome one of the biggest pain points of using oral care goods: what toothbrush can I trust, and what will the experience be like? It’s clear that Fairywill understands that staying true to its roots is key to building a brand with timeless appeal. Sure, products should move with the times, but wherever possible, what made a brand great – what attracted customers to it in the first place – is the foundation of the brand, and should stay firmly in place. The relationship people have with their Fairywill products is special and distinct to each individual, and the brand is proud to have been able to help create these unique experiences.

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