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Giants in the AIoT Chip Industry – Qualcomm, Alibaba and WIMI Entering the Battlefield

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Giants in the AIoT Chip Industry – Qualcomm, Alibaba and WIMI Entering the Battlefield

July 21
02:55 2020

Hong Kong – In recent years, the word AIoT has gradually become active in people’s vision. AIoT (AI+IoT) means combining artificial intelligence with the Internet of Things to form a new integrated discipline. With the development of artificial intelligence technology, traditional Internet of Things devices will tend to be intelligent, thus forming THE AIoT artificial intelligence Internet of Things and making the “Internet of everything” evolve into the “Intelligent Connection of everything”.

Of course, the market demand is inseparable. As people face more and more demands for intelligent applications, AIoT is faced with more complex scenarios, and people need to provide more efficient computing for IT to obtain faster response. Against this background, AIoT chip emerges as The Times require. When facing AIoT scenario tasks, IT has more advantages in computing power and power consumption than traditional general purpose chips.

What is an AIoT chip? IoT devices are known to be different from mobile communications devices such as mobile phones. IoT devices come in a variety of applications and require different AI computing power. Currently, there is no common chip architecture that can exist across device forms. Therefore, only designing customized chip architectures from the IoT scenario can significantly improve performance while reducing power consumption and cost. At the same time, it can meet the requirements of AI computing power and cross-device form. Such special chip is called AIoT chip.

In fact, AIoT chip is not an independent chip. At present, almost all the first AIoT chips in the market are combined with core components such as CPU, GPU, FPGA and DSP. The AIoT chip does have some differences from conventional chips.

From the perspective of process manufacturing, AIoT chip requires more specialization in hardware design due to the relatively definite application scenario and AI algorithm. Traditional CPU and GPU chips use von Neumann’s computing architecture and computing mode based on instruction flow to run, while AIoT chips mostly adopt brain-like or brain-like architecture mode, which can break through the computing bottleneck of memory wall. Therefore, compared with traditional chips, AI chips can use lower main frequency and smaller chip area to complete AI computing tasks and achieve a perfect balance between diversified demands such as cost, power consumption and computing power.

What is the real reason behind these enterprises to start the layout and seize the market opportunity?


In recent years, Ali has been particularly active in technology research and development. In addition to the earliest “Dharma Institute” and “Luo Han Tang”, ali also established a chip company “Crewhead brother”.

Is the so-called life and death look pale, not satisfied with the dry. The crewhead is not far behind in chip development. Just recently, Crewhead officially released its first AIoT chip, interestingly named Xuantie 910. You should know that the name “Xuantie” comes from the first excalibrant sword used by Dugu in Jin Yong’s novels, “The ethereal sword has no edge and is too clever to work”. It was later fused by Guo Jing and his wife into the Sword of Heaven and the sword of dragons. Does this mean that Xuantie 910 will become an “artifact” in the AIoT chip industry?

Sure enough, according to the data, Xuantie 910 has become one of the risC-V processors with the strongest performance in the industry, ranking the first in the world in terms of computing power, and Coremark is more than 40% higher than the second. The performance of Xuaniron 910 single core reaches 7.1Coremark/MHz and the main frequency reaches 2.5GHz. With extremely powerful performance, it can be applied in 5G, artificial intelligence, automatic driving and other fields. In the future, Pantou brother will build intelligent networking chip platforms facing many industries such as automobiles, home appliances and industry.


Mediatek has released two major AIoT chip platforms, the I300 and i500. The I300 is suitable for voice and visual device applications and can be used to develop products for the home, Internet of Things and other portable devices; The I500 integrates a more powerful AI processor with a dual-core AI processor (DSP) operating frequency of up to 500MHz. It supports deep learning, neural network acceleration and computer vision applications, and is suitable for scenes such as face recognition, object recognition, scene recognition analysis and optical character recognition.

Mediatek unveiled the latest generation AIoT i700 chip platform, USES eight nuclear architecture, integration of the two working frequency of 2.2 GHz ARMCortex – A75 with six working frequency of 2.0 GHz processor architecture (A55 processor, at the same time with the working frequency of 970 MHZ IMG9XM – HP8 graphics processor, also carried a mediatek CorePilot technology, applied to intelligent city, intelligent building and intelligent manufacturing and other fields.


The 5G era is coming. 5G technology, with its characteristics of high speed, high capacity, low delay and low energy consumption, will promote the arrival of real video era, and video content dominated by VR/AR will explode. The team of WIMI HOLOGRAM CLOUD, a HOLOGRAM giant that is the first HOLOGRAM AR in the world, has created the third-generation 6D HOLOGRAM technology products through years of original research and development. Its commercial application scenes are mainly concentrated in five professional fields, including home entertainment, lightfield cinema, performing arts system, commercial publishing system and advertising display system.

WIMI HOLOGRAM CLOUD technology, holographic technology is simply through AR, let the audience can watch the holographic characters or open hole in the real scene of real reduction, immersive, micro beauty holographic will holographic technology combined with entertainment model, viewer can become a character in the movie/stage, involved in the film/stage pre-made environment and plot, let the viewer, as it were, feel oneself is a member of a movie/stage viewer is the main character in the movie or a part of it, and continue to interact with content to produce films/stage.

On the one hand, WIMI HOLOGRAM CLOUD has increased its efforts to build a semiconductor business. On the other hand, it is one of the fastest growing semiconductor applications in holographic 3D vision. On the other hand, it will help the company extend the holographic 3D vision software field from the application layer down to the chip field, and through the strategic direction of combining soft and hard holographic 3D vision software solution, namely, the strategic derivative upgrade to the semiconductor field. Micro holographic beauty deep in the field of holographic 3 d visual software technology accumulation, with hundreds of related patents and software copyright, so in the direction of semiconductor business extends, and the future is proposed by integrating companies core technology advantages of IC design companies, or with the current chip factory set up a technology research and development with strong proxy technology joint venture company, to implement the supply chain upstream of the semiconductor research and development design, technical services, marketing, etc.


Since 2020, Qualcomm has launched a number of 5G chips, providing consumers around the world with a faster 5G network experience. At present, Qualcomm has launched snapdragon 8 series, Snapdragon 7 series and Snapdragon 6 series chips successively, with different positioning chips covering products at different price segments.

In early 2020, a large number of new phones with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 mobile will be released. Qualcomm snapdragon 8 series products bring these 5G flagships top-notch performance. In addition, handset manufacturers have also launched a large number of snapdragon 765G products this year. Snapdragon 7 series products bring advanced 5G experience to more users around the world through lower price.

Qualcomm also recently released a brand new Snapdragon 690, which is powered by snapdragon X51 baseband and also supports 5G networks. According to the official long chart, manufacturers including HMD Global, LG Electronics, MOTOROLA, Sharp, TCL and Wentai will all launch phones with Snapdragon 6 series chips. More terminals will also speed up 5G access for all.

As AIoT technology is deeply applied to all aspects of life, devices in the Internet of Things will accelerate data interaction, promote data fusion, and form a new intelligent ecosystem of things. People’s life will become more convenient and more intelligent. At the same time, there will be more demands for life scenes.

For AIoT manufacturers, diversified market demands include five levels of technical construction, namely, the perception layer, access layer, network layer, service management layer and application layer. Among them, the perception layer, like the brain center of AIoT device, is the most basic and important link. AIoT chip technology largely determines the quality of the whole product. Add in the maturity of today’s chip manufacturing processes and the accelerated evolution of AI algorithms. It can be predicted that AIoT chip will become a competitive place in the future. Anyone who masters AIoT chip will have a firm foothold in THE AIoT field and lay a solid foundation for the integration of intelligent network ecosystem in the future.

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