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Netflix AI Algorithm Grabs Users And WIMI (NASDAQ:WIMI) Creates Entertainment, Culture And Tourism IP Experience

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Netflix AI Algorithm Grabs Users And WIMI (NASDAQ:WIMI) Creates Entertainment, Culture And Tourism IP Experience

April 18
01:40 2020

The planned economy used to be the representative of the backward model. However, inadvertently, due to the development of algorithms and AI, it has quietly returned to our society, and some companies have also developed and expanded this model, making a 10 billion level business. In the United States, Netflix is harvesting users around the world in a different way.

Netflix is also a logical business model, and its data volume and diversity are even more terrible. It proves that the regionality is not obvious. The algorithm doesn’t care whether you are male or female, Chinese or European. It only cares what kind of movies you like to watch. In essence, an excellent Asian online play can also attract a group of European users to watch. Netflix’s content is popular enough. In the algorithm mode, it is also a content search mode. As long as you have the first choice, the system will continue to recommend and optimize according to your viewing data.

As a streaming media, Netflix does not have a middleman, does not need content to be broadcasted through a third-party channel, or even can be directly pushed to the user’s terminal without some previous approval. Netflix’s content covers are classified according to everyone’s viewing habits. There may be countless such covers (customized according to your viewing habits).

It should be mentioned that this classification is not fixed. It’s actually real-time and dynamic. It depends on your viewing habits, the location and time of the day, and your viewing records of the day.


Netflix’s algorithm can extract any pictures that meet the habit and demand of watching movies from this content, and then make these pictures into the cover of the content.

Netflix’s mission: to find the most effective content. Effectiveness here means the most enjoyable content for every dollar spent. There are many complex measures of whether content can provide the greatest happiness, but for Netflix, the important part is that they only need to know whether their members are satisfied and happy.

As many of the above know, Netflix uses AI to improve efficiency and enhance user stickiness during platform experience and content distribution.

Recently, “spider man: Heroic expedition” is in hot release, a gratifying situation is that it has achieved a double harvest of public praise and box office. In addition to continuous reversals and hilarious jokes, the movie’s shocking audio-visual effect is also worth the ticket price. Hearing can be empty, but seeing can’t be real. Holographic projection is the core technology of the film. The villain mysterious guest in the film carries the holographic projection on the UAV, uses the UAV’s mobility to quickly change the camera’s angle, and realizes the changing effect of multi scene and multi perspective.

Holography is a technique of recording and reproducing the real three-dimensional image of an object by using the principles of interference and diffraction. The first step is to record the light wave information of the object by using the interference principle, which is the shooting process: the object under the laser irradiation forms the diffuse object beam; Another part of the laser beam is used as the reference beam to shoot on the hologram, and it overlaps with the object beam to produce interference, which transforms the phase and amplitude of each point on the object light wave into the intensity changing in space, so as to record all the information of the object light wave by using the contrast and interval between the interference fringes. After developing, fixing and other processing procedures, the negative film recording the interference fringes becomes a hologram, or hologram; The second step is to reproduce the light wave information of the object by using the diffraction principle, which is the imaging process: the hologram is like a complex grating. Under the coherent laser irradiation, the diffraction light wave of a linearly recorded sine hologram can generally give two images, namely, the original image (also called the initial image) and the conjugate image. The reconstructed image has strong stereoscopic sense and real visual effect. Each part of the hologram records the light information of each point on the object, so in principle, each part of the hologram can reproduce the whole image of the original object, and multiple different images can be recorded on the same negative film through multiple exposures, and can be displayed separately without interference. This technology has high requirements for stage lighting and post synthesis imaging, so it is rarely seen in variety shows. But in recent two years, with the continuous improvement of production level and technology, many variety shows have experienced the use of holographic technology.

Facts have proved that China’s response to AR holographic entertainment is higher. All kinds of capital are eager to pursue the investment in holographic AR field, and everyone is optimistic about this once and for all technological investment. As a representative of the field of visual recognition AI, WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI)’s business application scenes are constantly gathered in five professional fields, such as home entertainment, light field cinema, performance system, commercial publishing system and advertising display system, to construct a large-scale AR ecosystem of AI holographic entertainment. Based on the fully intelligent ecological platform, combined with animation IP and artist IP, WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI) creates the best family ecological experience through natural human-computer interaction, focusing on the needs of user family management, life entertainment, learning interaction, etc.

WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI)’s leading holographic AR content making function is built around image acquisition, object recognition, automatic image processing and computer vision technology. WIMI’s software engineering team and visual design team work closely to continuously promote these visualization related technologies, and use them to design and produce innovative holographic AR content. By providing a real-time computer vision algorithm for accurate attitude estimation, scene recognition and tracking can be performed in a few seconds. This cutting-edge algorithm also allows micro beauty to perform pixel based visualization of photo level real high-resolution rendering. Frost & Sullivan said that although most of the peer companies may identify and capture 40 to 50 image data within a specific space unit, the number of data blocks that can be collected by WIMI can reach 500 to 550; the image processing speed of WIMI is 80% faster than the industry average, thus improving the operation efficiency. In the process of scene reconstruction, WIMI’s automatic image processing tool can remove the noise and enhance the features of the original images, so as to create the best holographic AR design with industry-leading simulation.

Compared with the domestic counterparts, WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI) has established a comprehensive holographic AR content library. The format of holographic AR content covers from 3D model to holographic short video. As of December 31, 2018, it has 4654 ready to use AR holographic content, which can be used in WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI) AR products and solutions, covering a wide range of categories, including animals, cartoon characters, vehicles and food. Among them, 2961 are used for educational scenes, 851 for tourism, 739 for art and entertainment, and 103 for popular science. In addition, WIMI’s content library is enriched by copyrighted content licensed from third parties. WIMI cooperates with various content owners, including brand owners, film producers and talent agents, to transform high-quality IP into AR form.

In 2016, China’s holographic AR advertising market scale reached 900 million yuan. It is estimated that the compound annual growth rate will be 71.8% in 2016-2020, 78.9% in 2020-2025 and 1439 million yuan in 2025. In 2016, China’s holographic AR advertising market scale reached 900 million yuan. It is estimated that the compound annual growth rate will be 71.8% in 2016-2020, 78.9% in 2020-2025 and 1439 million yuan in 2025.

With the change of 5g holographic communication network bandwidth conditions, the 5g holographic application market will usher in an explosion. High-end applications such as holographic interactive entertainment, holographic conference and holographic conference will be gradually popularized to holographic social, holographic communication, holographic navigation and holographic home application. WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI) plans to support holographic cloud platform service and 5g communication holographic application with multiple innovative systems based on holographic AI face recognition technology and holographic AI face changing technology.

At present, 5g real-time holographic technology has been successfully applied to the MWC world mobile conference, helping China Mobile and Huawei to get through the first 5g video call; the world Internet Conference, the first demonstration of real-time holographic live broadcasting technology in China, has attracted the attention of CCTV, Zhejiang satellite TV, China News Agency, cgtn and other media reporters, who have experienced 5g holographic superimposed by 3D dynamic reconstruction and transmission technology The 2050 conference attracted a large number of dream seekers from all over the world who love technology and the future.

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