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Health Equipment Manufacturer Announces the Launch of an Innovative Thermal Fogger

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Health Equipment Manufacturer Announces the Launch of an Innovative Thermal Fogger

February 25
22:10 2020
Macro teknik Muhendislik designed a new fogging machine that aims to disinfect fly and mosquitos, among others.

Turkey – Macro teknik Muhendislik, a health equipment manufacturing company headquartered in Turkey, is happy to announce the launch of their newest Thermal Foggers. Their selection of new thermal fogging is composed of two new items, including the Thermal Fogger HTF-5.

Thermal fogging is the group of ultra-fine dews in an array of 1 to 50 μm using a term pneumatic energy. Liquid materials are evaporated at the end of the fogging barrel and create ultra-fine aerosols by shrinking on contact with cool ambient air on being emitted to make dense, visible clouds. The demand for a fine and high-quality thermal fogger is now essential to bigger spaces. With that in mind, Macro teknik Muhendislik designed two new portable thermal foggers that answer this concern.

The HTF-5 Thermal Fogger is suitable for pest control where active substances should be evenly spewed in or around unreachable places, without leaving any disagreeable deposits. This new thermal fogging machine is perfect for handling big areas by using the least amount of pesticide. The best part about this machine is that it’s sleek and has a lightweight design due to aluminum chassis. The machine also has cut off system that prevents it to flame. This advanced thermal fogging machine could either be transported over the shoulder of a pickup truck.

With 8.1 kilogram design and a 28 horsepower motor, this thermal fogger is ideal for a wide array of applications. It can be used as pest control in plant cold storages and greenhouses for animal protection, warehouse protection, sanitation, and disinfection for buildings, trucks, railway wagons, and public bathrooms. Not to mention that it can also be used to support public health by using it in public places such as lawns, private gardens, food production, and hotels.

According to the representative from the company, “Our thermal fogger is created for the application of oil and water-based solutions. Thanks to our unique inlet technology, our foggers are one of the most durable and versatile foggers available in the market today.”

Macro teknik Muhendislik’s thermal fogger is designed for the application of oil and water-based solutions. It will be the best fogger machine for fumigation. User can boost their pest control experience by using this new item.

About Macro teknik Muhendislik

Macro teknik Muhendislik is a health equipment manufacturer in Turkey that was established in 1993. For many years, they have become the top public health equipment manufacturer in the country by combining the needs and expectations of their customers, along with technological advancements. Their goal is to offer 100% client satisfaction and to improve their product variety continuously with the help of their committed staff and infrastructure.

To learn more about Macro teknik Muhendislik, contact Idris OZ at [email protected]. For more details about their products and services, visit their official website at

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