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Swingman Ads Releases 2020 Guide to Facebook Advertising

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Swingman Ads Releases 2020 Guide to Facebook Advertising

February 25
06:55 2020

Facebook made a ton of changes to their platform in 2019 and we’re just beginning to see the results now in 2020. Value Optimization, Minimum ROAS bidding and Campaign Budget Optimization are just a few of the most visible changes to the platform. Here are 3 quick platform secrets we here at Swingman unlocked from millions of dollars in ad spend. 

1. Value versus Volume.

The Facebook ads platform has definitely made it a focus in 2020 to send highly motivated users that are more likely than ever to convert. The higher quality traffic comes at a cost of higher CPMs and CPCs but we have seen it produce great ROI especially at scale. You’re now able pay a little bit more for a much warmer lead. There are still questions about how sustainable this magic is because it relies heavily on the finite resource of audiences, but for now it’s pretty great.

2. Ad Delivery Is More Targeted Than Ever.

There were hundreds of millions of identified users uploaded in custom audience lists on the platform in 2019, that makes for really well developed user profiles in 2020. Facebook still has the biggest advantage in advertising in this area (because all of their users start and end in the same sandbox) and it’s beginning to become even more powerful than Google’s notably ubiquitous display network in pinpointing users and increasing the number of touchpoints with your brand. In short, Facebook has a growing number of user profiles and those user profiles are quickly becoming more accurate than competitors.

3. The Bigger The Lookalike, The Better.

Running Facebook ads in 2020 is getting more expensive, it’s worth it now more than ever, but the costs have definitely multiplied in some verticals (electronics ecommerce anyone?). Swingman’s strategy to keep costs low? Bigger audiences are better, they keep CPMs low, Facebook is more efficient than ever at identifying and delivering your ad to your user, it’s safe to run on bigger audiences. We’re doing 5, 10, and 20% Lookalikes of our best converting audiences, you should too. 

These are our 3 hot takes from spending on Facebook. Overall, our biggest takeaway is that it’s a lot safer in 2020 to just trust the platform, in fact, Facebook would definitely prefer it (CBO!). The platform is doing better than ever at identifying your target customer on feeds, Instagram, WhatsApp, FB Messenger, and Audience Network.

For more information on these points or any other questions contact us at [email protected] and check out our site is a digital performance marketing agency based in the United States. Swingman specializes in supporting legacy agencies, small businesses and educating users on the Facebook Ads platform. We are a proud Facebook Marketing Partner Agency.

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