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Arab Capital Group Investment CEO: intends to expand investment in China

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Arab Capital Group Investment CEO: intends to expand investment in China

January 23
15:50 2020

“Recently, we have broadened our horizons by investing in Asia. Arab Capital Group intends to increase its investment in the region in the next few years.” Not only the Arab Capital Group, but also the oil-producing countries in the Middle East countries, they invest more to emerging market than developed countries obviously. As a large investment group, Arab Capital Group invests in more than 10 countries in the world.

Arab Capital Group has previously been mainly investing in Europe and the United States, but in recent years, it has begun to expand investment in Asian countries such as China. So far, it 6has invested in companies such as Sloan Technology, CKL Technology, which is known for its image recognition technology using artificial intelligence (AI), and the Scenery Fund.

Arafat metsch said, “Ten years ago, our investment in China was less than 1% totally. Later, we just take Hong Kong China as our foothold in expanding the investment in the mainland China. Arab Capital Group and many Chinese financial institutions have jointly established a fund of 100 million US dollars, and also agreed to contribute 50 million US dollars to the Scenery Fund. For companies such as Slaughter Technology, we invest not only through funds, but also invest directly. Arab Capital Group, based on its unique position of investing in China and the United States, will continue to invest in both countries in the future, and will look for all investment opportunities as a professional investor.”

At the same time, Arafat Metsch pointed out that “the development of technical and financial are changing with every day, the valuations of technology and financial companies are increasing rapidly, so it becomes much more difficult to find potential investees” He also revealed that he is looking for enterprises from semiconductors to artificial intelligence, and even financial filed etc. The report pointed out that except Arab Capital Group, other investment groups are also actively investing in Chinese technology and financial companies.

According to the official website of Arab Capital Group:,  during the period of 2018 and 2020, many of the Arab companies were included in the list of contributions when Chinese companies raise capital, Arab Capital Group stated that in the future, China will be as an investment center, spread to neighboring countries, and Asia will be the focus of investment for vigorous development.

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