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People Insight Study Reveals the Key to Employee Retention

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People Insight Study Reveals the Key to Employee Retention

December 14
22:05 2019

London, UK – Employee survey and HR consultancy providers, People Insight, have carried out extensive research to answer the pressing question – what is the key to employee retention? Why do some employees stick with organisations while others jump ship?

Armed with data from their extensive employee survey database, People Insight carried out a statistical analysis and found that as well as career development and interesting work, the number one reason employees stay at companies relates to company purpose.

The research was prompted by the fact that employee retention is a pressing concern for most businesses, especially in light of record low unemployment rates and the war for talent raging.

“Our employee research has long demonstrated the importance of a role that’s interesting and challenging, with opportunities for career development as critical to employee engagement. However, by looking at intention to stay as a statistical endpoint, we’ve found that company purpose nudges ahead as a key driver. This provides critical evidence for our colleagues as we drive for our organisations to become more purpose-led.” – Carolyn Nevitte, Director, People Insight

People Insight have released a free online resource detailing the results of this study. The report also includes insights and quotes from a number of CEOs, MDs and business founders, along with a YouGov survey that explores how engaged and motivated today’s workforce are with their company purpose.

What Does the Employee Retention Report Explore?

The report explores the following:

• Why employees are so motivated by company purpose
• Strong examples of company purpose
• Case studies of how modern organisations are trying to retain employees
• A YouGov survey exploring how meaningful modern employees believe their company’s purpose to be (including generational and gender divides)
• How companies can get employees excited about company purpose

Read More about the Report’s Findings

To read the report in its entirety, please download a free copy at the People Insight website below:

About People Insight

At People Insight, our purpose is to make the world a more engaging place to work, one organisation at a time. Organisation leaders trust us to design and deliver tailored programmes that improve the experience, performance and retention of tens of thousands of employees across the public, private and not for profit sectors. The success of our programmes is powered by expert organisational psychologists, supportive project managers and sophisticated survey technology.

For more information, please contact:

Carolyn Nevitte, Marketing Director

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 07825 776048




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