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BitCherry Landed in Malta, Setting Off a Paradigm Revolution in Distributed Commerce

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BitCherry Landed in Malta, Setting Off a Paradigm Revolution in Distributed Commerce

November 12
01:55 2019

One of the Big Four accounting firms, Ernst & Young had just recently published a Malta attractiveness survey. Examining the attractiveness of a region or country as an investment destination, the survey shows 77% of foreign direct investors believe that Malta is an attractive destination for FDI. To top with that, corporate taxation and the stability of the social climate remained at the top of Malta’s highest-ranked FDI attractiveness parameters. It can be evident through the record of 86% survey respondents believing that Malta’s low taxation is the main reason for attracting investment into Malta. Meanwhile 73% survey respondents believe that Malta is keeping pace with regulatory changes in competing jurisdictions, which will help to maintain Malta’s early development advantages in the areas of blockchain and artificial intelligence and achieving its strategic goal of building the world leading “Blockchain island”. In fact, as early as late February 2017, The Prime Minister Muscat of Malta called on EU leaders to accept digital currency and even provided a sounds regulatory policy for the mentioned technology at a meeting in Brussels. In April of the same year, the Maltese government introduced a national blockchain strategy which highlighted its focus on building a legal framework for blockchain. Undoubtedly, blockchain has gradually become an important industrial pillar of Malta.

On 7th November 2019, the world-leading distributed commerce project sponsored the “AIBC-Malta AI & Blockchain Summit” in Malta. This summit attracted more than 8,500 blockchain industry scholars, developers, and investors from all over the world. “This conference will focus on the past few years. During this period, the so-called “digital revolution” has rapidly emerged and swept the world, bringing subversive challenges to the global society. Today, with the development of science and technology, the relationship between human society and technology is also constantly evolving, and a new round of paradigm shift is in progress. Distributed technology is an independent movement of the digital itself from automation to autonomy. This paradigm shift will not only affect business but will also affect every aspect of daily life, forcing us to rethink the definition of human beings.” Said BitCherry COO (Asia Pacific) Kayla during the conference topic discussion.

The topic of “Urban Empowerment on Malta” following the “Urban Empowerment on San Francisco” is a widely popular starting station for BitCherry where the launching of a focus on distributed commerce and a major meeting on blockchain technology is done. The conference is dedicated on exploring the relationship between business, technology, and the development of human society, examining and re-think of the impact of the digital revolution daily as well as in the future, imagine and shapes the future world in which people and technology co-exist.

During the summit, an additional meeting was held for Bitcherry distributed commerce. This is also the first time for BitCherry to introduce the direction of distributed commerce project implementation to the Malta audiences. Tracking back into the business structure in the entire society over the past ten years, from the digital revolution of the 1980s and 1990s, the development of the internet to the current distributed technology, it has evolved in the commercial infiltration. This special session is also the first systematic review of the development of distributed commerce, showing the new pattern of distributed technology innovation in retail, e-commerce and other dimensions.

As the world’s leading distributed commerce project, BitCherry had been paying a great attention towards the issue related to the global forefront of business ideas, blockchain technology-related topic, so that every conference site a destination that is closely related to the current life, and continue to build an open dialogue platform for global expert elites, industry talents, and a wide range audience that concerned about the future of humanity.

The topic of “City Empowerment – Creating a Distributed Commerce City” will also be in more areas and a series of activities such as summit forums, academic exchanges, corporate linkages, to public education programs for multiple ages. All of these will be launched during the event.

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