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Causative Meditation Rewrites the Playbook on Human Engagement

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Causative Meditation Rewrites the Playbook on Human Engagement

October 26
00:40 2019

Without any fanfare, promotion or marketing, other than a couple of pop-up workshops that are cropping up from Sweden to Switzerland and culminating in Peru, Meir Ezra and Rae Indigo are serving as the irrefutable guides to dialing back the prevailing anxiety with a revolutionary approach (yes revolutionary) to a new way of being.

Avoiding the rhetoric and pop culture fanfare, Rae Indigo founded a school of movement arts and mind science a decade ago. She began this global endeavor almost in spite of herself, readily admitting she “did not want to be a teacher”. But the students kept seeking her out finding her and her career exploded to another level.

Causative Meditation™ is a way of interacting where the well-worn rules of engagement with our fellow human beings and our surroundings take on a totally new viewpoint. Repairing the meditation teachings that have become impoverished with ‘whisper down the lane reinterpretations’. Co-founders Meir Ezra and Rae Indigo are supplanting confusion about meditation and its intended tenets with clarity that takes the subject of meditation back to its original intent and manifestation. Causative Meditation™ is a pure distillation of transcendent knowledge that has existed before time began.

Grounded in empirical truths that were lost in translation, Causative Meditation is a radical departure from what is the contemporary approach to Yoga and Meditation practices that are trending today, with classes that are appearing everywhere like Starbucks™ on every corner.

This is a fresh approach that is clear, attainable, accessible and gives immediate relief from illusion. Causative Meditation has guaranteed and clearly defined results.

As top tier entrepreneurs and authentic “influencers”, the two have an established presence on four continents. They and their associates are at the pinnacle of their success and are driven to bring their retinue of enthusiastic practitioners and newly initiated into an inner circle of optimal health, clarity, success and spiritual knowledge.

While Meir Ezra tours the globe as a steward of conscientious business practices and an advocate of the evolutionary, life-changing protocols embodied in the teachings of Causative Meditation™, he is a devoted family man. He is driven to share his successful business practices intertwined with a spiritual inquiry for all within earshot. The duo describe Causative Mediation™ as a radical departure from what is normally referred to as ‘meditation’.

Born with a disability that severely impeded his mobility, he not only overcame the doctor’s predictions “he would never walk” but became a high-ranking submarine diver in the Israeli navy. Facing insurmountable odds his innate tenacity was the genesis of the creation of a proprietary software program TimeMaker© that proved he and his ingenious approach to business was triumphant once again. He and his colleagues revolutionized how thousands of businesses manage their interoffice communication with intelligence and empathy, as in ‘we all go up together’.

He readily admits his passion does not lie in amassing wealth, as much as, fomenting positive change in people’s lives. Meir’s collaborations with civic and political leaders have propelled projects related to education and business development for a new century. He led the implementation of the most successful drug and prison rehabilitation program. He introduced a revolutionary study technology to schools which helped thousands of school children increase their ability to learn, retain and apply their knowledge resulting in schools that were deemed failing into those ranked in the upper echelons.

A regular guest on The Odeta Show (The Oprah of Israel) he does not shy away from public speaking. He will be sharing the podium with Rae Indigo this coming quarter speaking on a full spectrum of topics ranging from business, parenting, relationships and spirituality.

As the incandescent creators of Causative Meditation Meir Ezra and Rae Indigo make ready for a global tour of seminars and workshops.


“Listening to the universe makes you an effect, however popular this phrase is, it doesn’t help you to live to your full potential. You will end up listening, waiting more, listening and waiting until your life passes. Or you can create. You can create spiritually directing intention into the material universe and hence controlling it rather than being controlled by it. Then you do not need to run away to a cave in the Himalayas to meditate and find peace, you have made your entire life meditative, and the life of others something to run towards. This is the power and potential of spirit.” – Rae Indigo

The first step is to be present, and with 6 opportunities in six cities, on two continents, you can get there by train, plane or automobile (bicycle is also an option). Are you the creator or the effect? The choice is yours once you understand you, and this is the power of Causative Meditation™.

First stop Switzerland, Bern on Friday – October 25, Zurich – Sunday on October 27, then onto Sweden destination Vasteras, a short hour and a half drive from Stockholm, Monday – Oct 28, Stockholm – Tuesday, October 29 concluding in Eskilstuna on Wednesday the 30th of October, 2019.

Traversing continents, Meir Ezra and Rae Indigo will land in Peru, where she has an established renown from Machu Picchu to the coastal colonial Capital of Lima, concluding their global tour, Rae Indigo will be returning Miami on Saturday, the 20th of December. At the lush downtown Miami American Airlines Arena she will be presiding over a class of countless Yoga teachers as a preemptor to a Miami Heat and Knicks home game.

Her teacher and fellow co-founder of Causative Meditation™ Meir Ezra, an esteemed speaker and author whose reputation precedes him as the “Guru of Guru’s” weighs in from Cape Town, South Africa, “Once you know you have the information that changes people’s lives, the information that actually works for real and brings instant measurable results, it is your responsibility to share it fast and wide and this is what I am doing… the results are the reason I am doing what I am doing… the results are the reason for the urgency of making those teachings known.” – Meir Ezra

With the comely beauty of a manicured Malibu actress Rae readily admits that her outward appearance is incidental and transitory. Meir Ezra exudes international sophistication and a radiating empathetic kindness. Collectively they share an enduring strength and magnetism that is embodied in their teachings. When asked why they have spent the better part of their lives bringing a inimitable message to thousands who are themselves teachers to countless students. They put themselves at the forefront of evolutionary change. While guiding those whose lives are being elevated in ways that defy description it has not occurred to them to question ‘the why,” it is as natural as breathing,” Rae sighs with a knowing smile.


Bern, Switzerland: Oct. 25th Open Yoga
Zurich, Switzerland: Oct. 27th Stage School
Vasteras, Sweden: Oct. 28th Steam Hotel
Stockholm, Sweden: Oct.29th Yoga Shakti
Eskilstuna, Sweden: Oct. 30th Valvet Co-working
Lima, Peru: Dec. 4 – 15 United Yoga
Miami, Florida- American Airline Arena, December 20


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