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Travelling around the beauty-blessed Fujian in its best time of a year

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Travelling around the beauty-blessed Fujian in its best time of a year

September 04
13:33 2019

Fujian Diary, launched by Fujian Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, was unveiled on major media platforms on 25th Aug. Fujian Diary, a tourist short video, has become a hot video with a growing number of hits. It helps raise the brand awareness of “The Journey Around Fujian”. Aiming at the “graduation season”, Fujian provincial government plans to carry out a series of promotion activities to enhance the influence and reputability of “The Journey Around Fujian”.

Circular rail route fueling the serial development

Tourist market of graduates to be expanded

With the commissioning of Nanlong Railway, Fujian Province has become one of the first batch of provinces that has formed a closed-loop bullet train pattern. The whole coverage of tourist resources has been realized thanks to the bullet train network that has every city connected. With the adventaged resouces and convenient transportation, Fujian Porvince has been committed to creating the brand of “The Journey Around Fujian” and building up three tourist systems that consist of marking, public services, industries and products. By holding various promotion activities, Fujian Province has endeavoured to expand customer resources and remains devoted to making the character “Fu” the golden sign for its fascinating natural beauty.

There are four seasons in a year, and there is also a graduation season as well. In recent years, graduation trip is gaining popularity where most graduates choose to embark on a journey with friends or lovers before starting off their career. Fujian Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism seized this opportunity and launched a series of summer tourist marketing activities. By enriching its summer tourist offerings, co-hosting a variety of featured events, issuing over a hundred of policies that benefit the public, the department has invigorated the summer tourist market in Fujian province in a speedy way

Fujian is a coastal province with profound history and cultural heritage. Fujian Diary focuses on the graduates’pursuit for popular sightseeing spots. With famous sightseeing spots such as Kulangsu, Xiamen University and West Quanzhou Street as background, the video introduces 4 featured routes: the coastal line in blue, the environmental friendlyline in green, relvolution classic line in red and folklore line with traditional features. The video presents the conveniency and charm of the blessed journey around Fujian by introducing different places for sightseeing and food: Wuyi Mountain, Dajin Lake and Kulangsu represent the beautiful scenery of Fujian, while Shaowu rice dumpling, Songxi pancake and Jianou marinated duck represent the outstanding delicacies. The video combines natural scenery with humanistic heritage. The folklore and food experience in the video covers most beautiful places in order to give you an unprecedented experience of Fujian. This video is viewed by many young people and they cannot wait to check these popular spots.

Graduation season inevitably comes with confusions and challenges. Instead of sitting tight and waiting for an answer, why not have an unforgettable trip to enjoy sceneries and emerse yourself in the charm of profound culture? Just like the couples in the video, come and have a “Fu” (blessed) trip with the most important person during graduation season to find the direction of future and meet the pure beauty of life on the way.

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