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ARORA Foundation: New Technologies In Healthcare And AI For A Brighter Future For Humanity

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ARORA Foundation: New Technologies In Healthcare And AI For A Brighter Future For Humanity

September 04
22:21 2023
ARORA Foundation is on a mission to provide cutting-edge solutions to the most complex healthcare problems.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made a major impact across a myriad of industries, especially in healthcare. This trending technology that was only a dream once is not so anymore. Rather, this evolving technology has become a part of our daily lives in ways we never have imagined. The use of AI is radically changing the face of healthcare and IT industry. As new diseases continue to emerge at a rapid pace, the current healthcare infrastructure is being stretched to its limits. This is where ARORA Foundation, a private foundation at the intersection of technology and social welfare, has taken up the mantle to try to make a difference.

Its Director, Ankesh Arora, who is the author of the book “Parallel Patient Flow to Reduce Length of Stay in Emergency Departments” is well versed in the underlying problems facing the healthcare sector. This is why the foundation under his leadership is investing heavily in AI-powered healthcare solutions to streamline administrative processes so patient care can be improved. The foundation is on a mission to become a global leader in the research, development, and application of innovative technologies in the healthcare field. It wants to empower medical professionals with better tools, so they can help patients live happier and healthier lives.

Healthcare environments have enormous datasets to be leveraged, where AI and machine learning methods that are intelligently integrated into workflows will improve healthcare delivery of all stakeholders. The foundation plans to make the mining of medical data seamless, so doctors can improve the diagnoses and treatments of diseases ranging from cancer to diabetes. It envisions a world where technology and humanity work in harmony to create a world-class healthcare infrastructure that can take on any challenge that presents itself.

Speaking on the matter, Ankesh Arora, the director of ARORA Foundation, said, “AI systems will completely revolutionize existing healthcare systems. In the future, the technologies such as artificial intelligence and augmented reality that are connected with standard medical image management systems will enable real-time advanced surgical visualization for the surgeon that will boost success rates and give peace of mind to the patient. At ARORA Foundation, we aim to play a part in helping usher in the era of human-machine collaboration.”

Their foundation has experts in fields such as data management, healthcare robotics, machine learning, biomedical imaging, diagnostics, artificial intelligence, science, medicine, and business who are passionate about making a difference. In addition to leveraging health care analytics to improve clinical care, ARORA Foundation is also focused on finding ways to deliver care more cost-effectively through data-driven analysis of financial systems, supply chains, fraud and human resources staffing. The foundation is also active in information technology and blockchain space. It aims to leverage new and emerging technologies for the public good.

To learn more, visit or contact Ankesh Arora at [email protected]

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