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3VERSE is Set to Unleash the New Era of Web3 Gaming and NFTs

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3VERSE is Set to Unleash the New Era of Web3 Gaming and NFTs

April 24
17:32 2023

3VERSE, a Web3 game developed by a visionary team, is set to disrupt the NFT world. The game is poised to enthrall players with its gameplay, where NFT collectors can use their cherished Profile Picture NFTs (PFPs) to engage in exhilarating arena combat. This gaming platform will revolutionize how players interact with their NFTs, establishing itself as a trailblazer in the Web3 gaming industry. In April 2023, 3VERSE organized its 5th tournament/Cross IP AMA, featuring over 10 projects.

Blending the excitement of competitive gaming with easy gameplay mechanics, 3VERSE offers a unique compete-to-earn model that rewards participants with tokens, exclusive items, and deck improvements. After over a year of development with ‘Fun-2-play’ design mechanics at its core, it is designed to cater to a diverse audience, from casual NFT holders to competitive E-sports players, delivering an engaging and potentially profitable experience for all.

A distinguishing characteristic of 3VERSE is its Cross-IP compatibility. This ingenious approach allows Ethereum-based NFTs to interact seamlessly, providing utility for all PFPs that opt to integrate with the platform. This compatibility distinguishes 3VERSE from other Web3 games by lowering the barrier to entry and speeding up the onboarding process.

3VERSE is built upon a foundation of expertise and dedication, with a team of experienced professionals boasting extensive knowledge in blockchain, Web3, NFTs, and gaming. Founder Ryan Teo, who previously worked at Ubisoft, has a strong background, having contributed to renowned titles such as Assassin’s Creed and Splinter Cell and numerous mobile games. His vast experience in game design and development ensures that 3VERSE is built upon solid gaming fundamentals, resulting in a captivating and engaging experience for players.

The blockchain gaming scene has evolved rapidly. Games that hyper-focus on tokenomics instead of gameplay crash and burn once the token value drops since the users only care about extracting tokens rather than the entertainment value these games should provide.


By taking a fun-first mentality, 3VERSE has already attracted gamers via its already-playable alpha build pre-IDO. Dedicated to cultivating a vibrant community centered around the game, players can anticipate frequent updates, immersive in-game events, and collaboration opportunities with other NFT ventures, further broadening the 3VERSE ecosystem and stimulating growth within the Web3 gaming arena.

3VERSE delivers a matchless gaming experience, empowering users to explore the capabilities of Web3 technology while demonstrating their prowess in intense battles. Combining NFT utility, enthralling gameplay, and a commitment to community development, 3VERSE is poised to secure its place in the Web3 gaming landscape. Join the 3VERSE community today and unlock the potential of your NFTs in this groundbreaking game!

About 3VERSE

3VERSE is a trailblazing Web3 game that reimagines the NFT realm by providing a distinctive platform for NFT enthusiasts and gamers alike. Featuring Cross-IP compatibility, immersive gameplay, and play-to-earn mechanics, 3VERSE raises the bar for Web3 gaming experiences.

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