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Ms. GU Luwen, Following her Vision with Relentless Passion in her Educational Career

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Ms. GU Luwen, Following her Vision with Relentless Passion in her Educational Career

April 12
20:50 2023

It’s so glad to see Ms. GU Luwen offered her speech on the Kick-Start of the joint program between the two institutions. Before the final agreement for this cooperation, there was a lot of preparation and negotiation that required time and effort, but Ms. GU, speaking on behalf of ChaseMercury Education, was able to make the process enjoyable.

Hubei Chase Education & Technology Co., Ltd., more commonly known as ChaseMercury Education, is an extramural education platform ready to train students in fundamental academic thinking and critical thinking while imparting professional knowledge to them. It has maintained its position at the top of the field by relying on cutting-edge educational philosophy and innovative teaching methods. Ms. GU Luwen has played a crucial role at ChaseMercury as Academic Adviser since April 2020. She is in charge of the Academic Affairs Division, which is responsible for making teaching plans, designing courses, hiring and evaluating teachers, organizing and managing the activities of the educational administration, and more. Long before this, she became actively involved in education. Ms. GU began teaching English to Chinese and international students with the “Institute for International Students” at Nanjing University in September 1997. For the past few years, she has held the position of associate professor while continuing to teach English to Chinese and international students. Her abilities are equally as effective in the study and research of comparative and international education. Deep field research not only boosts her academic accomplishments but also greases the wheels for her career at ChaseMercury and the university.

Years of research in comparative and international education, together with her participation in many academic activities, have provided Ms. GU food for thought and inspired her to learn about fresh concepts in English education. She believes that, although being given more attention recently, English language instruction in China has not yet overcome the stigma. Reading and writing are given priority in this ingrained teaching and learning paradigm, but speaking and listening are undervalued. Students’ daily communication skills have become their Achilles’ heel due to their obsession with unending paper activities. In China and many other nations, particularly in some East Asian nations where we have long forgotten the function of languages as a means of expressing ideas, thoughts, and cultures of people, the negative impacts of this mode loom large. Students are more likely to succeed in English education when it is “people oriented” as opposed to solely concentrating on the single task, such as reading and writing. Ms. GU has provided a task-based method to English teaching and learning that supports her suggestions and views. The strategy, known as “Practice-Collaboration-Learning,” prioritizes mutual communication. Students are expected to work in groups on a variety of tasks and assignments, and they are graded on how well they collaborate and communicate with one another in English. For good measure, a breath of fresh air is added to the curriculum by introducing other media resources, including some of Ms. GU’s ingenious software, while lifelike language environments are supplied. In the midst of the process, students would quickly pick up on native culture and language rules in practical usage, allowing them to maintain harmony with “mother-tongue transfer” and solidify their English-thinking skills.

As she talks about her goals for ChaseMercury, she also projects her established track record onto me. Keeping a keen watch on worldwide education, Ms. GU has highlighted her suggestion that educational reform in our nation, despite the difficult road ahead, should be among the top priorities. It’s a fantastic notion to break the cycle and advance with some aspect of our day-to-day work, like having fresh perspectives replace stereotypes and established modes. She responds to this by making effort in ChaseMercury. In her role as Academic Advisor, she has invested her all into bringing curricular development, ringing fresh improvements to the teaching activities, and creating a vibrant study scene. Students are motivated to learn, encouraged to share and work together, and inspired to think outside the box and perceive things in new ways.

After spending several years participating in international education and comparative education, Ms. Gu has brought to light the insightful perspectives she has developed and significant academic accomplishments, such as the books Research on the Reform of University Foreign Language Curriculum in China under the Perspective of General Education and Case Studies of World-Class Universities: The Secrets to High Quality, the dissertations Non-English Majors’ Perceptions of Communicative and Non-communicative Activities in the English Classroom, The Reform of Globalization of Education at Duke University and Its Implications, External Quality Assessment of Australian Postgraduate Programs, and Experience-based: New Trends in Engineering Education Learning Models at Imperial College.

Ms. GU’s future is highlighted as her innovative teaching strategies work well and significantly enliven students’ English studies.She is driven to develop more original concepts that will support her in her future professional path and enable her prospective students, who originate from various mother tongues and cultural backgrounds, to successfully navigate the study of English and find enjoyment in it.

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