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Creative Biolabs: A Look at Its Efforts in Discovering Antiviral Drugs and Vaccines

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Creative Biolabs: A Look at Its Efforts in Discovering Antiviral Drugs and Vaccines

April 11
05:00 2023
Creative Biolabs provides innovative CRO solutions in responses to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, emerging small-scale prevalence of infections, and tricky disorders, which are posing unprecedented challenges to global public health.

New York, USA – April 11, 2023 – Consistently grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic and other viral threats makes sense for antiviral drug and vaccine research. With its experienced team of scientists and state-of-the-art facilities, Creative Biolabs is well-positioned to back up researchers to meet the challenges with its expertise in vaccine development and drug discoveries.

In terms of virus study, Creative Biolabs approves antiviral assays to screen antiviral activities. Virology testing services such as antibody-dependent enhancement assay, microneutralization assay, and antiviral drug screening are available for meeting specific requirements and smoothing the experiment process.

“Developing an efficient vaccine providing efficient defense against the virus is often the ultimate goal of virus studies, and our capabilities can also be a wise choice,” said a Senior Scientist of Creative Biolabs. “In vaccine development, we prepare a vaccine research platform that covers specialized vaccine design solutions like subunit vaccine design to meet customers’ research needs.”

Subunit vaccines elicit potent and specific immune responses against the targeted pathogens. Creative Biolabs assists in subunit vaccine design that takes only a fraction of the virus and is therefore relatively safe and suitable for people with weakened immune systems.

In addition to solutions for the virology sector, Creative Biolabs also sets foot in therapeutic routes involving genetic materials, and launched an innovative mRNA-based platform. The custom mRNA synthesis applied in prophylactic vaccines mainly adopts methods of chemical synthesis and in vitro transcription synthesis, and the quality control of mRNA products is provided to ensure mRNA purity.

“Our mRNA-based platform provides global clients with high-quality mRNA services for a variety of applications,” the scientist added, “including antiviral mRNA vaccines, mRNA therapeutics, and mRNA-based gene editing.”

In terms of the potent protein degradation therapy, Creative Biolabs has constructed a one-stop PROTAC platform supporting protein degrader service that is characterized by degrading pathogenic proteins rather than inhibiting them. “The platform designs and optimizes protein degraders for various targets, including intracellular proteins and membrane proteins,” the scientist further introduced.

The PROTAC platform also stands out for its elaborate processes of molecular drug discovery, offering diversified solutions such as in vitro evaluation, in vivo animal test, and customized PROTAC molecule discovery that accommodates service package, which contains ligand design for target protein, ligand screening for E3 ligase, linker design and optimization, etc.

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With years of experience and cutting-edge technologies, Creative Biolabs has been committed to providing services including but not limited to antiviral discovery, vaccine design and development, and cell therapy.

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