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UCW(UP-Chinese Wine) led 13 winery brands from 7 major wine regions of China to appear in ProWein

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UCW(UP-Chinese Wine) led 13 winery brands from 7 major wine regions of China to appear in ProWein

April 07
02:30 2023

In Dü sseldorf, Germany, on March 19th, UCW (UP-Chinese Wine) officially opened the joint booth, which was the first day that UCW led 13 winery brands from 7 major wine regions in China to have a group exhibition in ProWein. Over the course of three intense days (19-21 March 2023), the Chinese wine pavilion in Hall 14 was abuzz with visitors to the colossal international wine fair that is ProWein. 

UP-Chinese Wine (UCW) is a platform  which aims to advance the growth of Chinese wine. Their objective is to spread awareness of Chinese wine among more people worldwide.

7 Major Wine Regions (Xinjiang /Ningxia Helan Mountain’s East Foothill / Beijing / Hebei / Shanxi / Shandong / Yunnan  Shangri-La)

13 Wineries

TIANSAI VINEYARDS (Xinjiang-Yanqi Basin Wine Region)

XIANGDU WINERY (Xinjiang – Yanqi Basin Wine Region)

CHATEAU LOULAN (Xinjiang – Tuha Basin Wine Region)

CHATEAU MIHOPE (Ningxia Helan Mountain’s East Foothill Wine Region  )

KANAAN WINERY (Ningxia Helan Mountain’s East Foothill Wine Region  )

LEGCY PEAK VINEYARD (Ningxia Helan Mountain’s East Foothill Wine Region  )

XIGE ESTATE (Ningxia Helan Mountain’s East Foothill Wine Region )

CHATEAU LION ( Beijing-Fangshan Wine Region)

CANAAN WINERY (Hebei-Huailai Wine Region)

DOMAINE FRANCO-CHINOIS ((Hebei-Huailai Wine Region)

GRACE VINEYARD (Shanxi-Taigu Wine Region)

LONGTING VINEYARD (Shandong-Penglai Wine Region)

GREATWALL WINE (Ningxia Helan Mountain’s East Foothill Wine Region / Heibei-Huailai Wine Region/ Shandong-Penglai Wine Region / Heibei-Jieshishan Wine Region)

100 Wines

This was a rare opportunity for the international wine trade to taste over 100 Chinese wines in one place, and speak intimately with the winery owners and winemakers. In turn, the wineries were rewarded with a renewed sense of purpose and optimism. They engaged with first hand reactions and suggestions from wine professionals across the world. They gauged the international landscape for the wine trade and glimpsed into what it takes to be an international wine brand.

Chinese wines have already proven themselves in terms of quality,  consistently winning numerous prizes at international competitions in recent years. The next steps for many of the Chinese exhibitors were about pragmatism and progress in exporting wines and international brand building. There were many constructive discussions with distributors and promoters, even resulting in orders and route-to-market strategies being negotiated at the fair. This was undoubtedly a bright start for many of them intent to carve a global pathway for their wine.

The story of Chinese wine told with an international perspective

An opening ceremony at the UCW pavilion was held on the 19th March, co-hosted by Professor LI Demei Demei LI, professor and director of Enology Engineering in Beijing Agriculture College and guest teacher at ESA Angers France, China’s preeminent wine educator and winemaker consultant and Mr CH’NG Poh Tiong, regional chair of Decanter Asia Wine Awards (DAWA)

Marius Berlemann, Global Head of Wine & Spirits at ProWein, remarked that “Chinese wines always bring the market surprise and hope’.

Professor Peter Kupfer of Mainz University, who has recently published a book in German about the history of viticulture and wine in China, has expressed his amazement at the diversity of many grape varieties native to China.

Mr Yuan Ching HU, President of the Chinese Culinary Association of Germany, said that the quality of Chinese wine makes him proud of his Chinese ancestry, and hopes to promote Chinese wine culture alongside the more established Chinese culinary culture in Germany.

But perhaps it was Consul General DU Chunguo’s opening speech that encapsulated the essence of the next milestone for the wines of China: “Chinese wine contains special elements from Chinese culture, society, climate, mountains and water … Chinese wines will make the global wine family more colourful and more beautiful.”

To this aim – making Chinese wine international whilst showcasing distinctive regional characters.

The diversity in Chinese wine styles

Professor Li Demei held three masterclasses at the Chinese wine pavilion in order to give some in-depth presentations to the seven wine regions showcased. A further concluding masterclass was held at the ProWein Forum on the 21 March, which was very well attended, and included Sarah Abbott MW from the UK in the audience. Fifteen wines from all seven regions were selected for this high profile masterclass. Afterwards, many attendees expressed surprise at the diversity of styles and many were convinced that Marselan was particularly suited to be a signature grape variety for China.


Canaan Winery & Domaine Franco-Chinois

“We have smashed old perceptions in the world of wine”

Focal wines: Domaine Franco-Chinois (DFC) East Garden Dry Red, DFC Reserve Marselan, Canaan Chapter & Verse Reserve Merlot 2017

Some visitors did not know that China made wine at all. But after tasting our wine, they showed great interest. Distributors from Canada, Finland, France and several other countries expressed their willingness to discuss cooperation.

Grace Vineyard

“The Chinese terroir is well received”

Focal wines: Tasya’s Reserve Marselan 2019, Tasya’s Reserve Aglianico, Deep Blue Dry Red

Our wines are terroir driven, so you can experience what familiar varieties taste like in a different terroir like China. At present, some of the intended customers are from Southeast Asia, such as the Philippines and Vietnam; and some are from Europe, France and Germany.

COFCO Great Wall

“We signed new cooperation agreements”

Focal wines: Connoisseurs Longyan Amber Orange Wine, Chateau  Sungod Syrah 2015, Chateau Sungod Chardonnay 2016

Our most popular wine at the show was the Longyan wine. This is our unique grape variety in China. Many people said after tasting it that this would interest Western consumers.

Our other winery in Ningxia, Tianfu Winery, also received a lot of interest, because many people are familiar with the high profile Helan Mountain East region of Ningxia.

Currently most of the interests are from northern Europe: Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and the UK. We have signed some new cooperation agreements. In the future, we will enter these markets and promote our products mainly through restaurant networks.

Chateau Mihope

“Outstanding feedback for Characterful varieties”

Focal wines: Viognier Dry White Wine 2019, Reserve Dry Red Wine 2019, Limited Edition Dry Red Wine 2019, 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Dry Red Wine 2019

Our Viognier wowed everyone and was the most popular white wine. A Bordeaux blend of Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot, and a Cabernet Sauvignon/Syrah blend also stood out.

We have received several inquiries from France, Germany, and Switzerland, mainly Switzerland.

Kanaan Winery (Mulando)

“Riesling is particularly well-received”

Focal wine: Mulando M365 Dry White 2021

Many visitors were so curious about our Riesling and were all very impressed after tasting it.

We received interest from two clients, one from Sri Lanka and one from Sweden. They inquired about our pricing and found them reasonable.  They mentioned that there is a lack of Chinese wines in their home markets, and some curious customers would be very interested in trying high-quality Chinese wines.

Tiansai Vineyards

“Chinese elements are much sought after”

Focal wines: Selection Chardonnay 2021, Festival Year of the Rabbit Dry White Wine, Festival Year of the Rabbit Dry Red Wine

It is evident that the international market is deeply interested in national characters being reflected in an emerging wine country like China. For example, characterful varieties like Marselan, or culturally influenced ranges such as our Festive Year of the Rabbit wines.

We have received some sales interest from Canada and Slovakia. Buyers in Uruguay and the United States have also left their contact information and are asking for prices.

Xige Winery

“EU market is a focus for development”

Focal wine: Jade Dove Single Vineyard Cabernet Gernischt 2018

Our Single Vineyard Cabernet Gernischt was the most popular wine in the whole product range. Many visitors were looking to taste something uniquely Chinese, and Cabernet Gernischt represents something characterful from China. Everyone was so pleasantly surprised after tasting it.

We have received some purchase inquiries, mostly from Northern Europe, such as Germany and the Netherlands. This trip has really motivated us to speed up the development of the EU market.

Longting Vineyard

“Finding a direction for international cooperation”

Focal wines: Reserve Petit Manseng Dry White 2020,  ‘Lan’ Marselan Dry Red 2020

Visitors particularly praised our Dry Petit Manseng and Marselan dry red. Without exception, everyone showed expressions of great surprise after tasting the Petit Manseng. There were many active inquiries for prices. Going forward we will discuss pricing with our partners. In China our main channel is ontrade for the Petit Manseng. For the overseas market we will target Chinese restaurants and also some flagship western restaurants. We received some contact information of potential importers.

Legacy Peak Winery

“Made 4,500 bottles worth of orders”

Focal wines: Kalavinka Dry Red, Family Heritage Dry Red, Jinyu Chardonnay

Our Family Heritage dry red wine was the most popular. Visitors praised it as very balanced and soft after tasting it.

This exhibition made me realise that the whole world is very curious about Chinese wine and wants to know where to buy Chinese wine. Chinese wineries should get out there more, take up more opportunities to look at the world, and it should be easier for more wine lovers around the world to find Chinese wines!

We have just completed an order of almost 4,500 bottles from the Bernard Magrez Group in France. In addition, we are also following up with customers in Switzerland and Austria.

Chateau Lion

“Gathering strengths for overseas channels”

Focal wines: Viognier Dry White, Marselan Dry Red, Princess Semi-dry White 2020

Our Viognier was the most popular white wine, and the Marselan was the most popular red. The visitors thought that our wines would appeal to European tastes. We have received lots of contact details from potential customers. There were interests from South America and the US in addition to European customers, most of the interests were in the Viognier as they found the price to quality ratio to be the most attractive. 

Xiangdu Winery

“In-depth discussion and cooperation”

Focal wines: 20K Cabernet Franc  2020,  Chasselas Dry White, Marselan Dry Red

We have certainly gained more confidence in our wine and our wine region after exhibiting at Prowein. Because the visitors here are all wine professionals, after tasting our wines, they were full of praise, which gave us more confidence in our wine quality and brand potential.  

We have started to negotiate with five or six interested customers, including Germany, Ukraine, Italy and other countries.

Ukraine is currently at war, but I think we still have a chance to get our wine out. They don’t have any Chinese wine on their wine list yet. We will have more in-depth exchanges in the future. We are about to start second round negotiations with two buyers in Germany.

These positive feedback and activities on the back of the trade fair also strengthen our willingness to step out.

Chateau Loulan

“Approval for our wines”

Focal wines: Cabernet Sauvignon Dry Red Wine (Presidential Grade) 2017, Cabernet Sauvignon Dry Red Wine (ShiGui) 2017

Our two “Castle” wines were well received. Many visitors remarked that our ‘Presidential Grade’ wine has a good sense of structure and balance.

Customers from Germany and Italy have expressed interests and we will follow up after the show.

The youthful vitality of the Chinese wine industry

The Chinese delegation was altogether younger and energetic. Many of them were able to communicate with visitors in English, German and French. They also bring with them fresh thinking and an international outlook.

Chinese wine is enjoying a new age of renaissance, and this is an exciting moment in the world history of wine. With a spring in the steps and joy in the hearts, onwards and upwards for Chinese wines, they will surely go from strength to strength! 

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