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BiFinance “hurricane all the way”, Launchpad soars up into the sky

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BiFinance “hurricane all the way”, Launchpad soars up into the sky

February 22
19:44 2023

In 2022, the global financial investment institutions made a deep impression because it was a year of harsh winter. The world economy was in a declining phase and the crypto digital currency was also in a winter period, but the seasonal change of the trading market did not stop the new digital asset platform BiFinance from pursuing the popularization and development of blockchain technology.

BiFinance’s goal is to become the Nasdaq of digital asset exchanges, providing high liquidity and free trading for high-quality digital assets, blockchain startups, and fintech companies globally. The next year will see the completion of a global market layout, with the establishment of branches and communities in the US, Europe, Japan and Korea, Australia, Singapore, etc. to delve into local markets and provide an ultimate customer experience.

It is understood that BiFinance raised $50 million in May 2022 in its A round of financing, backed by strong capital. In the more than one month since its launch, BiFinance has registered over 100,000 users, with daily active users of over 1,000. BiFinance has already accumulated partnerships from over 500 localized communities, KOLs, media, and communities in 30 countries including Southeast Asia (India, Indonesia, etc.), Africa (Nigeria, Bangladesh, Ghana, etc.).

In February 2023, BiFinance launched its Launchpad Selection Program, which allows high-quality projects that pass strict platform assessments to participate in initial offerings or discounted subscriptions, helping projects access financing opportunities and offering exchange users low-risk, high-yield quality projects.

According to publicly available information, two projects, DORDAO and Peth, have recently been selected and will be listed on the Launchpad.

DORDAO was priced at $0.01 on BiFinance’s Launchpad, and its price skyrocketed after the opening. The price increased by 500% to a maximum of $0.05 within 24 hours of its listing, which was five times the initial subscription price of Launchpad.

The discount subscription for PETH on BiFinance’s Launchpad was oversubscribed, allowing users to purchase PETH at a discount of up to 42%. PETH was priced at $0.012062 as of the publication, with an increase of 200%, which was two times the initial subscription price of Launchpad.

According to the information, the BiFinance team will combine their technical and experience in the securities, banking, and futures industries to innovatively use various financial tools and provide users with explosive innovative products such as C2C, financing and borrowing, traditional bond tokenization, NFT binary options, and more.

The BiFinance exchange will apply for official digital asset trading licenses in multiple countries around the world. They will operate legally and comply with regulations. The platform believes that a good platform should treat users as gods and actively embrace the digital asset regulatory policies of various governments. BiFinance is fully prepared for this.

The BiFinance “Valentine’s Day activity” is in full swing and welcomes new and old users to experience it. Looking forward to having you along the way, we continue to “speed forward” and soar to the sky:

1 Love Friendship – 52% invitation rebate for invited friends.

2 Love User – The first 100 users who recharge will receive a mystery cryptographic gift.

3 Love Trading – The highest earning 100% return.

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