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CD Formulation Upgrades Its Database of Pharmaceutical Excipients, Cosmetic Ingredients, and Food Ingredients

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CD Formulation Upgrades Its Database of Pharmaceutical Excipients, Cosmetic Ingredients, and Food Ingredients

February 21
11:10 2023

New York, USA – February 20, 2023 – Having long been providing pharmaceutical excipients, CD Formulation recently decided to upgrade its chemical database by adding more high-quality and cost-effective pharmaceutical excipients, cosmetic ingredients, and food ingredients.

“Over the past decade, we have seen the rapid development of pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food industries. As a trust-worthy biochemical company, we are well-prepared to introduce new product lines to meet the needs of both researchers and manufacturers,” said the Marketing Chief of CD Formulation. “Currently, we offer more than 800 such raw materials. Meanwhile, we also provide packaging design services to make sure that pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food are well-protected and stored.”

Pharmaceutical Excipients

Pharmaceutical excipients play an essential role in the delivery of drugs to the body. At CD Formulation, customers can easily find the following types of excipients, such as adsorbents, desiccants and humectants, antioxidants, binder excipients, capsule filling excipients, carrier excipients, catalysts, co-processed excipients, coating systems excipients, colorant excipients, compaction excipients, controlled release excipients, corrective excipients, diluent excipients, direct compression excipients, disintegrant excipients, dispersion excipients, dry granulation excipients, dry powder inhalation excipients, emulsifier excipients, filler excipients, film former excipients, foaming agents, hot melt extrusion excipients, hydrotropy agent excipients, increased bioavailability excipients, lipid excipients, lubricant excipients, osmotic pressure regulators, penetration enhancer excipients, ph modifier excipients, plasticizer excipients, preservatives excipients, solubilizer excipients, stiffening agents, suppository bases, surfactant excipients, suspending agents, and thickener excipients.

Cosmetic Ingredients

CD Formulation offers 21 types of active cosmetic ingredients, including active ingredients, antioxidant cosmetic chemicals, buffering agents, cosmetic chelating chemicals, cosmetic chemical abrasives, cosmetic chemical solvents, cosmetic color additives, cosmetic plasticizers, cosmetic preservatives, cosmetic surfactants, cosmetic sweeteners, cosmetic thickeners, flavoring chemical agents, fragrance agents, moisturizers, and propellant cosmetic chemicals, for use in skin care cosmetics, color cosmetics, topical pharmaceutical cosmetics and liposomal sources. Some of them are listed here: (+)-α-Tocopherol (CAS 59-02-9), L-Ascorbic acid (CAS 50-81-7), Arbutin (CAS 497-76-7), Ascorbyl Palmitate (CAS 137-66-6), Caffeic Acid (CAS 331-39-5), D,L-GalA (CAS 576-37-4), Hydroxyectoine (CAS 165542-15-4), Ethanolamine (CAS 141-43-5), γ-Cyclodextrin (CAS 17465-86-0), Chitin (CAS 1398-61-4), and Silica gel (CAS 112926-00-8).

Food Ingredients

Food ingredients are substances that are added to food to achieve the desired effect, making food more flavorful, nutritious, convenient, colorful, affordable, and safer. For now, CD Formulation offers a wide range of food ingredient products to help customers improve the quality and safety of their products during food research, production, or development, covering acidity regulators, anticaking agents, coating agents, color fixative, enzyme preparations, firming agents, flavor enhancers, flour treatment agents, food emulsifiers, food preservatives, food spices, humectants, leavening agents, nutrients, stabilizers and thickeners, and sweeteners. To name just a few here: D-Tartaric acid (CAS 147-71-7), ALPHA-PINENE (CAS 2437-95-8), DL-Malic acid (CAS 617-48-1), Metatartaric acid (CAS 39469-81-3), etc.

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In addition to its role as a supplier of pharmaceutical excipients, cosmetic ingredients, and food ingredients, CD Formulation is also a good partner for drug developers to solve drug formulation and delivery challenges. Meanwhile, the company is also capable of conducting healthcare product design, manufacturing, analysis, testing, and packaging services.

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