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Budding Stars Debut at KEPPI X ZAO Youth Fashion Show During New York Fashion Week

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Budding Stars Debut at KEPPI X ZAO Youth Fashion Show During New York Fashion Week

February 21
10:55 2023

As one of the officially scheduled shows of New York Fashion Week 2023, the KEPPI X ZAO Youth Fashion Show was successfully held on February 10, 2023 at Sony Hall, Times Square, Manhattan, New York. Thousands of attendees, including fashion industry insiders, film and television professionals, media reporters, online celebrities, and fashion enthusiasts from around the world, gathered to witness KEPPI’s latest collection of youth sports and leisurewear. Featuring 30 young models from ZAO Learning Education, the show was a testament to the inclusiveness and diversity of New York Fashion Week, showcasing emerging talent and cultivating a new generation of fashion stars. The audience was treated to the latest trends and designs from KEPPI, which seamlessly blended comfort and style, suitable for various life scenes.

On Friday afternoon, Sony Hall near Times Square was packed with audiences and journalists from all over the world gathered around the stage. Media reporters and cameras filled the front and sides of the stage, and the constant influx of people occupied every corner of the hall. The runway shone with brilliant lights, creating a mesmerizing atmosphere. The dynamic video of KEPPI X ZAO, played on the big screen on the stage, paired with lively and energetic music to bring a sense of youthfulness and vitality to the show. The lively young models stepped onto the stage one by one, graced the runway with confidence and poise, wearing KEPPI’s sports and leisure clothing. These youthful models from ZAO Learning Education, some as young as 5 years old, delivered an unforgettable performance, showcasing their love for life and fashion with their well-trained steps, dynamic poses, and bright smiles that captured the hearts of the audience. As nearly 100 reporters captured every moment with their spotlights, the KEPPI X ZAO youth fashion show proved to be one of the more engaging and memorable events of New York Fashion Week in 2023. Accompanied by bursts of applause, they showed nearly 30 sports styles of KEPPI, successfully shaping the free and comfortable design style of KEPPI brand. KEPPI is a dynamic sports fashion and light luxury brand that has taken the world’s fashion scene by storm. Its works have been showcased in many high-profile events, including New York Fashion Week, Los Angeles Fashion Week, and Paris Fashion Week, and has become a favorite among young people, influencers and celebrities. The latest collection showcased in the recent New York Fashion Week highlights KEPPI’s signature combination of comfort and dynamic style. The clothing is versatile enough to be worn not only on the runway but also in various life scenes, such as playgrounds, parks, and city streets. KEPPI’s latest youth line conveys life and friendliness, with bright colors and playful prints that evoke the joy of childhood and capture the innocence of youth. The brand uses creative designs to inspire young people to embrace life and be the most stylish version of themselves.

KEPPI’s unique and innovative designs have caught the attention of celebrities and influencers, resulting in extensive media coverage. In 2022, Maye Musk, the supermodel mother of Elon Musk, turned heads at New York Fashion Week by donning KEPPI’s uniscx clothing, earning the brand the title of “brightest scene” by numerous media outlets. Last summer at Los Angeles and Miami Swimwear Weeks, KEPPI’s swimwear show also went viral, racking up tens of millions of views on YouTube. Famous models, stars, and influencers, including Tyson Beckford, the host of the fashion reality show “Make Me Super Model,” and Ralph Lauren’s most valuable male model in the United States, have all expressed their love for KEPPI’s products. The KEPPI brand frequently receives coverage in several leading fashion publications, such as ELLE and Harper’s Bazaar, cementing its status as a prominent brand in major international fashion weeks. This success can be attributed to KEPPI’s emphasis on self-expression, inclusivity, and diverse designs, which has resonated with a broad audience, making it a hot brand in major international fashion weeks.

The KEPPI X ZAO Youth Fashion Show presented 30 young models from ZAO Learning Education, who underwent a rigorous training regimen to ensure they were in optimal condition for the runway. ZAO Learning Education provided the models with a complete set of training programs, including body posture, stage performance, psychological resilience, and photography skills, among others. Ms. Zao, the chief planner and model training teacher of the fashion show, expressed her excitement in collaborating with KEPPI for New York Fashion Week. “Participating in the world’s most prestigious fashion event not only offers a unique experience and broadens the children’s vision, but also boosts their confidence and fosters a positive attitude. The show serves as a platform for children to showcase their talent, challenge themselves, and explore life’s many possibilities with a healthy and vibrant approach.”

Also participating in the KEPPI X ZAO Fashion Show are well-known fashion designer and musician, Michael Coveto with 1 million followers on social media, singer Mannywave and Chef Papi of Cardi B.

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