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Julie Bill’s debut book has been chosen for film adaptation by Dreambooks Media Professionals

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Julie Bill’s debut book has been chosen for film adaptation by Dreambooks Media Professionals

February 17
19:44 2023
The storybook “Oh, My Little Squirrel” portrays a small squirrel’s lively life and fanciful journey, along with valuable life lessons, through a collection of 12 delightful adventures.

Julie Bill, a gifted narrator from the southern region of Indiana, has just finished writing her latest storybook, Oh, My Little Squirrel. This charming tale takes readers on a fanciful journey through the idiosyncratic existence of ‘Little Squirrel’, chronicling a series of his adventures. Each story imparts a valuable lesson for children to internalize and apply to their daily lives. The book also emphasizes the importance of fellowship, companionship, and strong familial bonds. 

Recently, DreamBooks Media Professionals have chosen Oh My Little Squirrel for a film adaptation project after handpicking it from a quarterly genre submission of diverse stories that they present to film companies of varying sizes. The book not only entertains but educates young readers too. It comes up with a captivating plot that is expected to support the film project as well. Since there are 12 delightful adventures in the book, the character development turns out to be very strong. It captivates children’s imaginations and holds their attention which makes it a page-turner. The characters of squirrels are well-developed. They are relatable and memorable, having distinct personalities and traits.

Julie claims that “In a world where technology dominates our lives, stories offer a timeless way to connect with our children and create memories that will last a lifetime.” Julie knows that children are often drawn to picture books with colorful, eye-catching illustrations that help bring the story to life and aid in their understanding. Oh, My Little Squirrel is indeed a great example of that. The author carefully uses age-appropriate language with clear and concise wording that is easy to understand. Certainly, the most important aspect is the positive message which teaches a valuable lesson to the children such as the importance of kindness, friendship, honesty, and perseverance in all the 12 adventures of the squirrels. 

What DreamBooks Media Professionals appreciates in the content is the great flair of humor, which will eventually make the film project a great success as it not only engages children but also makes the story more enjoyable. Overall,  Oh My Little Squirrel fosters a love of reading within children that can last a lifetime.

Oh, My Little Squirrel is available for sale on Amazon

About the Author:

Julie Bill, a skilled narrator, resides in Southern Indiana, where she writes. Her debut book, “Oh, My Little Squirrel”, came to fruition when she realized after retirement that she needed something more in her life. Her affection for the animals that frequented her yard everyday inspired her to bring her first book to life.

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