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HinenSolar Portable Power Station Makes Long-distance Travel as Comfortable as Being at Home

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HinenSolar Portable Power Station Makes Long-distance Travel as Comfortable as Being at Home

February 17
16:32 2023
High-power portable power station allows people to get free power sources during self-driving tours and can meet their living and working needs, just like at home.

More and more people are combining travel and life, experiencing nature, appreciating the culture of different regions, enjoying delicious food from all over the world, and starting a life model of “The world is outside the car, and the family is inside the car”. However, the equipment in the RV, such as refrigerators, electric kettles, rice cookers, computers, and air conditioners, all need electricity. When the mains supply is inconvenient, how to solve the electricity problem?

Traditional generators are bulky and difficult to carry, and they require additional fuel, causing high noise and polluting the environment. Therefore, the small and convenient new outdoor energy storage power supply that can be charged by solar energy is more suitable for carrying when traveling by an RV.

For example, many freelancers need to write blogs or edit Vlogs while pursuing nature in their RVs. So owning an outdoor high-power portable power station can supply power for laptops, printers, mobile phones, and other devices simultaneously so that they can post content or work while traveling.

At present, many portable power stations can use solar panels, some are foldable for carrying, and some have their own brackets, which can receive solar energy at a better angle, to maximize the efficiency of solar charging. Solar charging is environmentally friendly and energy-saving so RV users do not have to worry about electricity even when they are far away from urban areas and realize real freedom of electricity consumption.

The following outdoor power supplies that can be charged by solar energy can achieve stable power supply and continuous battery life even in complex environments:


1229Wh capacity, 1500W rated power. It can be fully charged within 1.5 hours by wall charging, 4.5 hours at the fastest by using three 100W solar panels. If there is a sudden power failure, the battery can be recharged within 20ms to avoid data loss of electronic products. It adopts a car-grade aluminum alloy shell, which is anti-fall, anti-collision, fire-proof, and anti-leakage.

EcoFlow DELTA Max

2016Wh capacity, 2400W rated power. It can be fully charged in 1.6 hours by wall charging, and 6.3 hours with a 400W solar panel. The smart inverter technology can boost the power to 3000W and supports 13 devices to charge at the same time. The highlight of this model is its large capacity and high power, which is suitable for long-distance travel. It can be expanded with a power pack, and it can be controlled remotely with an APP, which is more convenient and practical.

HinenSolar PS3000

2500Wh capacity, 3000W rated power. It can be fully charged in 1.6 hours by wall charging, and 3.5 hours by using two 420W solar panels. It uses a square aluminum case lithium iron phosphate power battery, supports 2.5kWh battery expansion packs, and can expand up to 6 power packs, reaching 17.5kWH.

Jackery 2200W

1879Wh capacity, 2200W rated power. It takes about 2.6 hours to get fully charged by wall charging, and 3.5 hours with four 200W solar panels. Its weight is 19.6kg. In addition, the Jackery SG Explorer 2000 Pro, which won the CES 2023 Innovation Award not long ago, is also worth expecting with pleasure.

The new portable power station is now the “trump partner” for RV travel. Its many advantages, such as portability, large capacity and high power, environmentally friendly electricity consumption, and support for a variety of electrical appliances, can make RV travel more relaxed, happy, and free. Just as comfortable as at home.

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