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The BloomBugg application unlocks the secrets to a sustainable way of living.

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The BloomBugg application unlocks the secrets to a sustainable way of living.

February 17
13:24 2023
The BloomBugg application unlocks the secrets to a sustainable way of living.
BloomBugg – Go net-zero
The planet is not just an inheritance from past generations, but a loan from future generations. It’s our responsibility to protect the environment for their future. Climate change threatens the planet, and we must all work together to combat it. The BloomBugg app empowers you with the knowledge to live a net-zero lifestyle and support the recovery of the environment through small everyday actions.

People have often stated that the planet is the most valuable inheritance that we have received from those who came before us. However, we hold the belief that the earth is actually a gift that has been borrowed from our children. It is our duty to ensure a better future for posterity, and this starts by guaranteeing them a healthy environment to call home.

Unfortunately, the planet is currently facing the brink of catastrophe due to climate change. In light of this, our mission is to make sure that everyone is doing their part in the fight to protect our planet. We aim to equip individuals with the knowledge to lead a net-zero lifestyle through simple everyday activities, such as choosing an eco-friendly shopping bag or brushing their teeth in an environmentally conscious manner.

Through our app, you can create your profile and track your total “blooms”. You can also measure your impact and learn how much energy and CO2 you are saving. In addition, we offer rewards for your eco-friendly efforts and the opportunity to join a green community to raise awareness or educate yourself on living sustainably.

We also provide various sustainability challenges for you to participate in and compete with others in the community. Lifestyle and habit tips are readily available, as well as information on how to save the planet through small, everyday tasks. The app covers various aspects of life, from home to kids, and teaches you how to conserve energy in all areas.


Create your profile: Tell us a little more about you and track your total blooms, including trees planted, water saved, fuel saved, and much more

Measure your impact: Learn how much energy you’ll save, down to the Kwh, and your CO2 impact down to kilograms

Earn rewards: One good turn deserves another. Earn rewards for your eco-friendly efforts

Join a green community: Raise awareness or get educated on how to live greener

Join a challenge: Go head-to-head with the community on various sustainability challenges

Lifestyle and habit tips: Access a wealth of information on how to save the plant via simple, everyday tasks

Actions across life: Learn how to save energy in a variety of aspects, from home to kids.

Android Device Requirements: Requires Android 5.0 and up

iOS Device Requirements: Requires iOS 11.4 or later.

iPad touch Requirements: Requires iOS 11.4 or later.

Pricing and availability:

The BloomBugg app is presently available for Android devices on the Google Play Store and for iOS devices as well on the App Store. Users can download and use the app for free, although there is a reward for your daily bloom.


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