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SGA Pioneer NFTs minting kicks off on SeeleN

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SGA Pioneer NFTs minting kicks off on SeeleN

February 17
16:35 2023

SGA, a SeeleN-incubated multiverse IP project that will bring multiverse art toys, NFT and games for Web3 users, is now released and the Pioneer NFT starts minting today on SeeleN. With SeeleN’s assistance, the project is intended to develop a Web3-native game centering around multi-hero cultivation and space battles.


A total number of 1,000 Pioneer NFTs will be released, with 100,000 SGT tokens minted for each Pioneer NFT and airdropped continuously into the wallet that holds the NFT.

The Pioneer NFTs, with vouchers of seed round of funding, will continuously get players SGT airdrop rewards. In addition, as a pivotal in-game item, it will serve as a powerful warship when the game is officially launched later.

In return for SeeleN’s strong support, the first batch of Pioneer NFTs will be open exclusively to users who contribute to the SeeleN ecosystem where the NFT is sold.

SGA is beyond an entertaining crypto card game. Players, especially NFT fans and investors, are allowed to collect multiple in-game NFTs, thus fulfilled with joy and excitement.

SeeleN will continue to assist the project in polishing the impeccable gameplay, hoping to incorporate IP-symbolized game characters and the shared hobbies of art toy fans and NFT investors. It’s intended to introduce more strategy portfolios and navigate players through the sci-fi world.

About SeeleN DAO:

SeeleN DAO is a collaborative autonomous ecosystem based on the SeeleN public chain and co-created by the eco-community. The ecosystem aims to incorporate and incubate high-quality projects in all fields, including metaverse, NFT, GameFi, DeFi, energy, etc. The development, construction, and governance of the whole ecosystem are coordinated and governed by all participants.


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