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Grid Reputation: A Top Online Digital Marketing Agency

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Grid Reputation: A Top Online Digital Marketing Agency

February 16
22:32 2023


Since 2021, when we began as a team of three in Kolkata, Grid Reputation has existed solely online. We are a full-service digital and commerce agency today, and we have a solid track record of developing integrated, transformative strategies across the whole digital landscape. The same people who founded us are still in charge of us, and we take pride in our independence. It implies that we can act more swiftly, audaciously, and successfully. A collection of diverse and knowledgeable minds that are aware that in order to gain consumers’ trust, brands must delight and reward them.

Since we take a data-driven and entirely audience-focused approach, we can provide our clients with the most significant and measurable solutions to their challenges. Of course, none of this would be possible without our fantastic staff. Some of the most talented, enthusiastic, and curious individuals in the business make up our teams. People who actually care about making a difference and with whom our clients value doing business. We’re a company of committed and curious people. We collaborate with individuals that share our instinctual conviction and audacity in vision. People who are aware that in order to stand out, you must be unique.

Pillars of Grid Reputation


Aman Shaw is a professional Online Reputation Manager. He is the Founder of his startup called Grid Reputation whilst being an Undergraduate student. Besides ORM, Aman also has expertise in Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Social Media Marketing and Analytics. As an individual, he has a leader’s personality and is a trendy, sophisticated and kind-hearted person.

He grew up seeing his father as a builder and had an interest in his father’s company, although he never wanted to be a part of it. Throughout his school days, he instead engaged in activities like dancing, acting, and modelling. He wanted to be an influencer for a short time, but he changed his mind and focused on his academics instead. After finishing high school, he enrolled in University for a UG degree. He wanted to do something other than academics as a side hustle, so he reconnected with his old acquaintances. He favoured the notion of working for himself so he led his team in honing their talents while also honing his own in the specific domains of Marketing. He took the initiative to create a company and founded Grid Reputation, which is today a top marketing firm.


Sourav Shaw is an expert Online Reputation Manager. He is the Co-Founder of the company Grid Reputation while being an Engineering student. Sourav has expertise in Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) besides having professional ORM skills. He is a humble, serious and meticulous individual and he maintains a similar attitude with his clients and coworkers.

He has always had a knack for technology. He did his research online and, at the age of 17, he began his career with side hustles in digital marketing. He surrounded himself with people who possessed greater expertise in digital marketing to become entangled in the type of environment he desired. He got motivation from his inspirants and became a freelancing individual on Upwork in 2019. He made himself learn Online Reputation Management (ORM) field and hence earnt the expertise.

After gaining experience on Upwork in the said field, he decided to enter the industrial world. He, with his two other friends, set up their start-up, Grip Reputation, a top marketing company.


Abhishek Prajapati is a tactful Social Media Manager. He is the CEO of the company Grid reputation which he set up with his schoolmates and he is also an Engineering student. Abhishek has expertise in Email Marketing, Google Ads, Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). He is an aggressively driven, innovative, faithful and business-minded individual.

He started by helping his father handle their IRCTC Food Service business at the age of 12 and has shown a responsible mindset since such a young age. As he grew older, he wanted to assist his father in growing their business as much as possible. He travelled from Kolkata to Bengaluru to study engineering. Boredom inspired him to do something other than study, so he began Social Media Marketing as a side venture. He got fascinated by the idea of freelancing to begin growing as a person on his own and by his schoolmate who is now his coworker to begin growing as a person on his own. He reconnected with his classmates and decided to establish their company, Grid Reputation, which is today a top marketing firm.

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