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MyEmissary Launches Groundbreaking Divorce Communication Service

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MyEmissary Launches Groundbreaking Divorce Communication Service

February 16
21:05 2023

MyEmissary, the human-powered messenger service that facilitates communication during divorce or separation, is proud to offer a groundbreaking solution to a common problem: the high cost of legal fees incurred for routine matters such as pick-up times. By allowing MyEmissary to handle these communications, clients can save money and focus on more important issues.

But that’s not all. MyEmissary’s unique approach also allows for disengagement, which has been shown to be essential for successful co-parenting. Research has shown that disengagement, in which parties are allowed to withdraw from situations that may cause conflict or stress, is a key factor in successful co-parenting relationships. By facilitating communication on behalf of one party to the other, MyEmissary allows clients to disengage without sacrificing effective communication.

“We’re excited to offer a unique solution to the challenges of communication during divorce or separation,” says the company spokesperson. “Our human-powered approach, coupled with our focus on disengagement and cost savings, sets us apart from other co-parenting apps. We’re dedicated to making communication easier, more affordable, and more effective for our clients.”

With its research-backed approach and dedication to cost savings, MyEmissary is quickly becoming the go-to choice for successful co-parenting communication. Don’t let the high cost of legal fees and the stress of communication derail your co-parenting relationship. Let MyEmissary help you disengage and communicate more effectively, without breaking the bank.

Experience a new level of communication during divorce or separation with MyEmissary. Sign up today and start building a stronger co-parenting relationship.

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