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The new book “The Cunning Degree” was published in California, USA

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The new book “The Cunning Degree” was published in California, USA

February 15
02:04 2023

Recently, in California, the book “The Cunning Degree” is published, available on Amazon and physical bookstores around the world. — Welcome to buy, own the book, you can get both spiritual and economic rewards, which is an unusual investment!

The book is not thick, can be carried, and have an electronic version of the online distribution, the international standard book number ISBN: 978-1957144108. The theme of this book is rare with far-reaching practical significance, it reveals the interests and humanity, and the book winning the collection of Library of Congress.


The author is Pretty Qi, in order to thank the buyers, she treats all the buyers as patrons:Over the next few years, she would write another new book for all the patrons. If the patrons want to, the new book will record the names of the buyers and their outstanding achievements in their life to promote to the world.  

The new book will be like the Los Angeles Walk of Stars to commemorate those who have contributed。If that new book is approved for publication and distribution, Ms. Pretty will return the royalty proceeds from the new book to all patrons。Contact email address of the author:[email protected]

The book “The Cunning Degree” comes from people and events in a Pacific Asian country rated as a developing country by the United Nations.  Ms.Pretty has lived in this country for a long time, she has the quality of integrity and sunny justice. Over the years, she met some hypocritical people with strange behavior and events,although the college degrees of those people were beautiful, but those people were very nervous and afraid of being talked about their college status, there was even a family whose degrees were the same characteristic for several generations! —In the end, the hidden incident behind the abnormal behavior was exposed, it turned out that the relevant management sectors pursued special interests, so the management sectors stealthily made special methods for those people, enable them easily to go to colleges smoothly, even easily to top universities. The cunning admissions for those people deprive the fair opportunities of normal students for entering colleges, and undermine the fair environment for education。

Such operations and consequences, not only do not respect a wide range of normal students who are studying hard, but also override the right of normal students to go to college and the future survival right, also hurt the social fairness。

Ms. Pretty wrote a letter of advice to the Ministry of Education of this Asian country and later received a grateful reply from the Minister of Education。After receiving the reply, she decided to write this book, hoping to remind the management sectors of all countries not harming the interests of the public.

May the Bible shine here and bless the rights and interests of the normal students who study hard.


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