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WIS Launches Subjective Moisturizer Evaluation System to Keep Users’ Skin Moisturized in Winter

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WIS Launches Subjective Moisturizer Evaluation System to Keep Users’ Skin Moisturized in Winter

December 06
17:00 2022

After research, WIS found that maintaining skin moisture is a major challenge plaguing users in winter. After many tests in the WIS R&D office, we launched a subjective moisturizer evaluation system and a variety of products so that users can still keep skin moisturized in winter.

Dry and tight skin after cleansing, dry lines and fine lines when smiling, and sensitive skin starting to become redness, peeling and itching in the new season are all symptoms of dry and dehydrated skin, which is an important reason for this new product by WIS R&D office with the concept of effective skin care.

About skin dryness and dehydration

After several researches, the WIS R&D office found that “the level of skin moisturization depends on the amount of the cuticle water content. The water content of the dermis of the skin can reach 70% to 75%, and gradually decreases as it moves toward the surface of the skin, with the the cuticle water content being only 10% to 20%. When it is less than 10%, the skin may appear rough, dull, itchy, desquamation and dryness or cracking symptoms. Under normal circumstances, because the skin stratum corneum has water absorption and barrier function, sweat glands and sebaceous glands secrete oil to cover the role, can maintain the moisture content of the stratum corneum in 10-20%, and not easy to dissipate. However, under certain conditions, such as cold and dry environment, excessive cleaning, and disease reasons, the balance of the moisturizing mechanism can be disrupted, resulting in dry and rough skin.”

WIS solutions to skin dehydration:

According to WIS developers, “After a lot of research and development of moisturizing products as well as experimental data, different moisturizers act at different layers of hydration: small molecules such as glycerin and urea can absorb water from the environment and replenish water in the stratum corneum; ingredients such as sodium hyaluronate can form a net-like structure that turns free water into bound water and is not easily lost; ingredients such as mineral lipids and silicone oil can form a hydrophobic oil film in the epidermis, suitable for dry environments; and ingredients such as ceramides and lecithin are better for repairing the epidermal barrier function of the skin.”

About the scientific validity of the product’s moisturizing properties:

WIS researcher said: “After market research and experimental analysis, we found that although there are many kinds of moisturizers on the market, the moisturizing principle is basically the same. It is mainly achieved through the barrier effect of the cortex and the water retention effect of the stratum corneum. At present, the moisturizing ability of mainstream moisturizers is mostly measured by skin moisture tester, which measures the moisturizing performance of moisturizers by the skin water content and transcutaneous water loss value. The use of instruments to test whether the moisturizer has moisturizing effect is an inevitable means, but we found that there is a mismatch between the instrument measurement and human sensory, which leads to the moisturizer with good moisturizing performance tested by the instrument, which does not reflect a good effect on the human body.”

About WIS Subjective Moisturizer Evaluation System:

WIS believes that in order to develop products that match the data measurement with human senses, one of the three things is indispensable: “scientifically effective, perfect skin feeling, mild and hypoallergenic”. Skin care products are directly experienced by the user, and the human sensory receptors are processed by the brain and then fed back, which is affected by the subjective feelings of the individual, which cannot be measured and processed by the device.

Therefore, WIS introduces a system based on subjective human evaluation, including subjective dimensional judging of moisturization and measuring the moisturizing ability of moisturizers, and evaluating the moisturizing performance of moisturizers as well as the moisturizing properties of masks and optimizing the moisturizing performance of products.

In this system, the test method is an important part, involving sample preparation, test area, and test method, all should have standard regulations and methods to minimize the influence of uncontrollable factors to ensure accuracy.

After experimental testing and data analysis, WIS concluded that the design concept is: to analyze the dispersion of the data distribution of the quantified subjective linguistic scores such as standard deviation, to eliminate abnormal data, then to assign weights to the indicators of each dimension, and finally to obtain comparable values through statistical analysis. In this way the transformation from subjective evaluation to data quantification is completed, and a highly evaluated system product is obtained.

After completing the evaluation of various moisturizers and forming an independent WIS subjective evaluation system, they found that all these moisturizers have their theoretical effective moisturizing mechanism , but the test data of the instruments and the subjective evaluation feeling are not completely positive correlation. For example, in the subjective evaluation of a single experiment, sodium hyaluronate, when adding up to seven times of the conventional addition amount does not bring better moisturizing feeling. Therefore, for the performance of moisturizers, it is not the case that the higher the amount added will bring better moisturizing experience.

About the Combination of Product And Subjective Moisturizer Evaluation System:

Among the products developed so far, the most popular use of WIS subjective evaluation system is reflected in the development of hyaluronic acid mask and hydrating mask. This is a typical example of conforming to the hydration and moisturizing effect and human body moisturizing feeling obtained by establishing on data testing and human body comprehensive evaluation.

They are still seeking breakthroughs in order to develop more scientifically effective moisturizing products that can give users better experience.

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