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Devon Seymour is Mentoring Hundreds to Build Their Aisle in Business

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Devon Seymour is Mentoring Hundreds to Build Their Aisle in Business

December 01
19:50 2022
Devon Seymour is Mentoring Hundreds to Build Their Aisle in Business

The difficult times of the pandemic brought a set of new lessons to people worldwide, the most important among them being the necessity of having multiple income sources. The pandemic redefined the belief systems worldwide on the security offered by daily jobs. It stated loud that every source of income, be it a job or business, has its fair share of uncertainties, and it is always advisable to have more than one income source. Devon Seymour, sports coach and teacher turned entrepreneur, is among the few who received the message promptly and has decided to help people pursue novel sources of income via entrepreneurship.

Devon Seymour has always been a daring individual who does not limit himself to the career norms set by society. Although many get incredibly fascinated by white-collar one-to-five jobs, Devon forecasts the future of such employment to be monotonous, tiring, and less rewarding. The concept of filling 45 to 60 years of one’s life to end up with a scanty pension is not something that Devon believes in. He trusts the superiority of the human mind and the possibilities that a hard-working person can grab in business. This fire and drive in him are the force behind his recent venture as an entrepreneur and consultant, in addition to serving a couple of responsible positions professionally.

A sports enthusiast by passion, Devon presently works as the Dean of Academic Care at an Independent School in Queensland. He believes in making positive interventions in the lives of Youth through sports and creating an empowered and motivated bunch of young population. He also serves the role of HDC team manager with the Queensland Rugby League State League Club. He has finished his education at the University of Auckland and has more than 14 years of work experience in various positions like physical education teacher, engagement pathway teacher, and sports coordinator.

The immense experience earned in the field of sports coaching has also instilled life and business skills like communication skills, interpersonal relation-boosting skills, negotiation skills, etc., in him. This earned expertise in creating solid professional and personal relations and ideal outcomes could be of extreme help in an entrepreneurial environment, and this qualifies him as an excellent business consultant.

He understands the practical difficulties and despairs in pursuing the goal of being an entrepreneur and expects to be a helping hand to the people who take the leap of faith to trust him on the path. He relates with the people stuck in monotonous daily jobs and intends to help them break that same daily mundane cycle. He extends his guidance through various social media platforms to help people transform their ideas into successful businesses and to climb the ladder of success in no time. 

His efforts at providing holistic assistance to business development are complemented by his skills in social media marketing, online marketing, and website development. Businesses and individuals who need guidance can follow Devon on Instagram to avail of his assistance, which involves high-impact upskill programs. Devon dreams of extending a helping hand to needy people, establishing support groups, extending the scope of his upskill strategies, and paying forward the blessings he has earned so far.

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